About LWAB

To learn more about the Healthy Start, Healthy Future charitable organization, go to www.hshf.org 

LWAB follows the World Health Organization's international code of marketing of breast-milk substitutes.

How Our Program Helps You 

Claire Kerr-Zlobin, the founder of LWAB, was a new mom facing social isolation, loneliness and Post-Partum Mood Disorder (PPMD) symptoms. This organization originally started when Claire was looking for a peer support program in her community to help her deal with Post-Partum symptoms. As her network of new parents evolved, Claire recognized that her peer network could help other families of young children dealing with issues that she personally faced as a new mother. Life With A Baby members are parents who share their personal parental experiences with others, they meet with each other at LWAB social functions, and attend parent and baby workshops together.

When you become a member, you will be welcomed into a supportive, non-judgmental community whose members come from various cultural backgrounds, some are multi-lingual. You will have the opportunity to attend workshops focusing on baby nutrition, life-saving techniques, financial literacy and time and stress management. You will also have the opportunity to meet other families at our family-friendly social outings. You will have the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets at popular attractions, and let’s not forget about our family-friendly parties for Halloween and New Year’s Eve. But most importantly, you will have access to thousands of peers who will answer any parental questions that you may have.

It is especially important that mothers of newborn babies have support from family, friends, and peer support groups like this one to help reduce the isolation and anxiety that most new mothers face. Research has shown that support for mothers reduces the feelings of loneliness, and lessens the development of PPMD symptoms.

We offer programs and support groups in Russian, Chinese and Korean.

"Я и мой малыш" - это проект основанный некоммерческой организацей - "Здоровое начало, здоровое будущее", цель которой заключается в предложении эмоциональной и практической поддержки для новых и будущих родителей - 416-995-5492

Life With A Baby 是一個非牟利的組織﹐我們提倡”健康的開始﹐
健康的未來“ 為準父母及新爸爸和新媽媽提供日常實用的技巧及情緒上的支援 - 416-319-9113


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