The Life with a Baby Program

The Life With A Baby (LWAB) is a peer support system, a project of Healthy Start, Healthy Future, a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to provide ongoing practical and emotional peer-based support for new and expecting parents, and parents of children up to the age of six. This program offers informational seminars and programs geared towards families of young children, open forums discussing everyday parenting and child rearing issues, and fun social events for the entire family.  Read more About LWAB.

Healthy Start, Healthy Future - This the parent organisation of LWAB. It is a not-for-profit organisation committed to helping new and expectant parents through educational seminars and forums dedicated to issues facing new and expectant ant families.

LWAB Programs - Explore the multitude of programs catered to Moms and Dads. A mix of free and nominal fee-based programs focussing on learning infant life save skills, peer support, and managing expectations with a baby.

Testimonials - Read about what member had to say and how they have benefitted from our program. You are welcome to post a testimonial yourself!

Sponsors - Learn out about our Sponsors who fund some of our events. We couldn’t run our organisation without them!

Advertise With Us - Would you like to be known to our community of  20,000 adults and 50,000 kids and growing? Special prices are available to Corporations, Small Businesses and of course our Mom-preneurs.

Contact Us - Call us, email us, follow us on facebook and Twitter. We would love to hear from you!


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