Life With A Baby Programs

Parenting Confidently for parents and caregivers of infants 0-12 months
Parenting Confidently is a FREE six week program. An informative and practical informational series of topics that enhance confidence and reduce the anxiety and nervousness that new parents face.
Topics include: Infant/ Child CPR,Nutrition for Mom and Baby, Infant Massage workshop, Infant Child First Aid, Baby safety, Early Literacy & Development. 

Purpose: To give new parents and caregivers tools and resources to feel more confident taking care of a small child and equip them with life saving skills.

Managing Expectations for moms with children 0-24 months
Managing Expectations is a  FREE six week Peer support program for new and expecting parents focusing on dealing with common challenge and offers tips and strategies for keeping the marriage strong, sleep nurturing methods, dealing with the super-mom complex, managing life with a baby on a budget, and much more.  Facilitated by a peer support coordinator with expert speakers each week.  

Purpose: To normalize the challenges parents face and manage expectations of what life with a baby is like.

Infant/Child CPR Workshops - What Every Parent Should Know!
This workshop includes some key issues that parents need to know such as:
•    Infant/child CPR
•    When to call emergency
•    Essentials for treating a choking baby
•    Recognizing when to activate EMS and perform CPR

Mom-to-Mom Peer Support
Community events each month to connect with other moms at the same stage of life
•    Weekly walk groups in various parks: exercise, connect and discuss hot topics
•    Moms-only event once monthly: taking time for yourself will make you a better mom
•    Weight loss boot camps and stroller fit (seasonal)
•    Moms support groups: support for single moms, married moms, stay at home moms, young moms and first time moms

What About Daddy?
Informational seminars and training courses for dads
•    Five-week management program in partnership with Focus On Fathers 
•    Daytime events and programs for stay at home dads
•    Bond with me: Daddy and baby massage workshops 


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