A huge thank you to the sponsors below whose support aids us in providing free programs to our members.

Life With A Baby welcomes all kinds of support. We have many sponsorship and advertising opportunities available. Contact us at info@lifewithababy.com to find out more.

LWAB follows the World Health Organization's international code of marketing of breast-milk substitutes.

BrightPath Early Learning and Child Care

The BrightPath environment encourages a child’s individuality, creativity and exploration. We help develop children’s social, emotional and physical needs as they grow, develop and mature throughout their journey. We promote freedom and independence while emphasizing the importance of team work and social skills. We celebrate differences and emphasize inclusion, while maintaining a strong sense of connection within the communities we serve. BrightPath demonstrates and practices respect in our centres and classrooms, for each other and our families, while always representing a commitment to our values.

Inventive Minds Kidz Academy

At Inventive Minds Kidz Academy your child will participate in activities and lessons in four areas of study. These areas include: Alphabet & Phonics , Math & Science , Language & Literacy and Art & Piano, French & Creative Expression. Our unique approach involves teaching and reinforcing a variety of readiness concepts and skills through interesting theme based units of study.

Head Start For Baby  
Head Start for Baby is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping children get the best start in life.  Our philosophy that a strong foundation focused on education, finances, health, enriching experiences and family well-being is the best gift you can give your baby is the core of our organization, and we are committed to helping families incorporate this philosophy into their lives.

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