"Little Passports" -- Let's Learn About THE WORLD -- BUSY BAG EXCHANGE -- York Region North

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"Little Passports" -- Let's Learn About THE WORLD -- BUSY BAG EXCHANGE -- York Region North


AGE LEVEL:  This is a BUSY BAG exchange intended for approx 4-8 year old's.   Please ensure you target your package content to suite this age level.  If you have older or younger children and wish to participate, that is fine but please make sure that your submission meets this age level.

PURPOSE: To explore some of the major countries of the world in a fun way (and to alleviate some of the prep work for parents :)

COMMITMENT: Each participant is asked to prepare TEN (10) BUSY BAGS for their selected country and MAIL THEM (or hand deliver them) to the 10 other participants in the exchange.  ALL PARTICIPATING FAMILIES MUST BE IN YORK REGION NORTH AREA.  PLEASE PICK A COUNTRY ON THE LIST OR ONE OF YOUR OWN, SO LONG AS WE HAVE GOOD VARIETY FROM ALL THE CONTINENTS and a variety or culture. 

TIMING: Your packages MUST be mailed to the other participating families NO LATER THAN JANUARY 6 2015.  Once all participants have been registered, i will email everyone with the list of addresses. 

PACKAGING:  The contents of your package should fit into a standard MANILA ENVELOPE & then into a LARGE ZIP LOCK BAG for easy mailing and storage after use. 

COST: The Cost of this activity is ONLY the cost to create the 10 packages and mail them. I would estimate no more than $5 in postage and printing/material costs per package.  A similar professional service charges upwards of $15 PER PACKAGE for this type of activity so there is great value in doing this as a group :) 


  • A LETTER -- please include a 1 page letter from your "alias person" from your chosen country i.e. Sophia from Greece.  The letter should speak to some of the major characteristics of that country and what a day in the life would be for a child of that country... some local sites, festivities, attractions, day in the life, weather etc. You letter may also include a "picture" of your alias person if you wish :) *google image searches are a great resource for this
  • A SOUVENIR -- this can be something small to remember this country by. e.g. a local stone, small toy, flower, leaf etc.
  • AN ART ACTIVITY -- all materials required to make an art project related to that country must be included in your package.  It is ok for the recipient family to provide basic sundry art supplies to complete the project ie. coloring items, glue, tape, a recycled material etc. however you  MUST include all the other necessary pieces i.e. paper, cut outs, items to be glued on, etc. as well as INSTRUCTIONS / PICTURE of sample completed project in your package. 
  • A WORKSHEET -- please prepare a 1 page worksheet related to your country.  This can be a math, reading, social studies, science etc. type worksheets. As long as it fits in the theme of the country and age, that is fine. i.e word searches in your countries language, story, printing project, counting exercises, etc. 
  • A Picture -- please include a PICTURE indicative of your selected country.  It can be of anything related to your country i.e. an indigenous animal, family dressed in local customary clothing, etc. 
  • A Map -- please include a COLOUR cut out of your country map.  Map should be labelled with your county name and capital.  It may also include other information as well
  • A Passport Sticker -- please include a PASSPORT STICKER that the recipient child can put into their passport book once they complete their country package assignment.  PASSPORT template WILL BE PROVIDED FOR HOME PRINTING TO ALL PARTICIPATING FAMILIES. 

Please note that your child's name or your family name and mailing address will be provided ONLY to the other 9 families participating in the exchange for the purpose of delivery of your materials only via mail or to your door.

I will personally deliver my package FIRST to all participants so you can get an idea of the content and set up.

Thank You & looking forward to learning with you!

Connie & The Berenguer Boys


Dawn -- France
Serena -- Mexico
Becky -- uk/England
Connie -- canada
Fatema -- Pakistan
Isla -- Peru

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