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Father’s Day is coming up and we have two loving Dads who would like share their joys, loss, hopes and inspirational stories to all preemie parents.

Speaker: Paul O’Leary
Paul is a father of 26-week twins born in 2005. His son had bi-lateral grade 3/4 IVH and PVL. His kids spent 90 days in NICU.
Paul is proud parent of 10 year-old Owen and Bridgit who are now happy, healthy and active in grade 5. He believes that his unique introduction to fatherhood in the NICU shaped his very special relationship with his children.

Paul likes to share insights about being a dad in the NICU and his role as ‘protector’ of his wife and the babies; a job that continued well after discharge from the NICU. He can share stories about flying with preemies, buying ‘magic soap’ for visitors to the house, and dealing with stressful situations like visits to Sick Kids Hospital.

Speaker: Stelios Nikolakakis
Stelios is a proud Dad of 7 years old Thomas, and 4years old Gabriel.
After years struggling with infertility, his wife’s second pregnancy was announced with joy when they found out they were expecting twins. One of the twins passed away in utero and triggered labour. Gabriel, the surviving twin, spent  146 days in the NICU at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Stelios and his wife Fabiana founded a not-for-profit organization called HandfullHearts (www.handfullhearts.com) to support different causes that are close to their hearts. Stelios' passion is to motivate and inspire individuals by empowering through education in his optometry office and within the community.

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