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  • 育兒謎思 Parenting Myths (Cantonese) - Markham

育兒謎思 Parenting Myths (Cantonese) - Markham

  • Thursday, April 25, 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Cornerstone Chinese Alliance Church, 4757 14th Ave, Markham ON L3S 3K3
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小孩需要多多讚美?    We have to keep praising our children?

EQIQ重要?          EQ is more important than IQ?

Baby Einstein DVD 可以幫助語言發展?  Baby Einstein DVD will help in your baby's language development?

8次的聚會中新手父母一齊坐下來,一起探討以上的育兒迷思,讓大家可以少走冤枉路,  我們會一起看 育兒video, 分享書籍,跟寶貝BB一起做運動及討論兒童發

In each gathering, new parents will come together to bust the above parenting myths so we would not continue with some of the backfiring parenting practices. There will be eight 90-minute sessions. Together we will watch parenting video, share insights from books, exercise with our precious babies and talk about child development.


  • 1.    (March 21) Language: How should we talk at home so our babies can pick up more?
  • 2.    (March 28) Parenting: Can we argue in front of our children?
  • 3.    (April 4) Parenting: Why is father's involvement important?
  • 4.    (April 11) Emotions: How do we talk so our kids feel our love?
  • 5.    (April 18) Emotions: Is EQ more important than IQ?
  • 6.    (April 25) Education: Tools of the Mind - the latest proven way to teach pre-schoolers.
  • 7.    (May 2) Education: Can praise really build up your child's self-esteem?
  • 8.    (May 9) Sensory development: The 3 toys that your kids cannot grow up without?
Please sign up for each individual session.

Host: Anthony

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