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Our Family's first experience at the Fern Resort

Wednesday, September 07, 2016 9:35 AM | Bhavishree (Administrator)

This summer we had the pleasure of staying at The Fern Resort in Orilla. This was my family’s first time at a resort style place. At first, I was not sure if my kids would enjoy it as they like doing things with us. This stay was both a little business and a little pleasure.

The place and location is beautiful.  

Our room was very spacious for our family of five we had a little hallway that lead to the whole space. Bathroom to the left, our bedroom to the right with two beds and straight ahead was the living area with two pull out sofa beds, a TV, and a fireplace. The pull out sofas came in good use when the kids invited my co-workers kids for a sleepover. The view from our room was beautiful.

We loved the fact that this resort was very family oriented. They catered to the kids with a kids menu and food options. One of our favourite and luxury item as parents was the early meal time for the kids and child care that allowed hubby and I to enjoy a nice meal and wine alone.  Yes! Alone! No kids talking, whining, bothering their sibling or complaining about the food. We enjoyed the peace and quiet which is very rare with three kids.  We were assigned a table for our family for the duration of our stay which the kids thought was cool.

The resort offered day time programs for kids so we tried it out for the first day and they all LOVED IT! They were so excited when we went to pick them up at the end of the day. They told us all the things they did and asked if they can go back again the next day. They had family entertainment every evening which were both fun for the kids and entertaining for the parents.

They have other activities around the resort that you can enjoy. My kids enjoyed fishing, kayaking, zip lining and the games room where they played the old fashion Pac Man games and pretending to play pool.

We were there at the beginning of summer and not a week goes by when the kids ask if we can go back next summer. That in itself is a great testimonial that this resort is awesome!

About the author:

Bhavishree is an Executive Assistant with Life With A Baby. A Mom of three, she loves crafting and cooking with them. Bhavishree is a Virtual Executive Assistant; you can connect with her by visiting her website at

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