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Manotick Montessori – BrightPath Early Learning & Child Care

Thursday, December 15, 2016 5:20 PM | Claire (Administrator)

As you step into this Manotick based Montessori-BrightPath Early Learning & Child Care school you are transported into the wonderful world of Harry Potter and all of Hogwarts.  Everything from the colours on the walls to the round library and the clock tower on the roof capture the wonderful and mystical world of the imagination.  The spacious classrooms are decorated with beautiful flowers hanging from the ceilings and the cozy library provides a sanctuary for learners.

The Manotick Montessori program provides an environment where children between the ages of 18 months-6 years are free to respond to their natural drives to work and learn. The school incorporates the Montessori philosophy with an extensive creative program which includes anatomy, creative arts, and music. Children are encouraged to learn through opportunities to engage in spontaneous and meaningful activities under the guidance of their teachers while developing concentration, motivation and discipline skills. Within this framework of order, the children progress at their own rate and rhythm according to their individual capabilities during the crucial years of development. For the toddlers program the teacher to student ratio is 1:5 and for the Casa program it is 1:8.

The school’s extensive creative program includes Body Movement taught in the adjoining dance studio through Yoga, Music, Drama and Dance classes. The centre also encompasses 15 acres of outdoor space complete with a rope climber, sandboxes and basketball court. The school truly prides itself in their ability to guide children in their own learning experience through the use of natural materials and the Montessori philosophy. To further accommodate the growing needs of the students, the school offers prepared hot lunches and snacks in their sizable kitchen. The school’s seasonal menus are rotated regularly and can be adapted to meet the needs and concerns of children with allergies.

The school also places great emphasis on Two-Way Communication (TCH) between the school and the parents. This mobile application enables teachers to connect in real-time with parents of the children with messages, developmental reports, daily routines, and even share photos. This allows parents to have up to date information on the child’s well-being and development. The school also organises monthly newsletters, report cards, Curriculum Nights, parent-teacher interviews, and open houses on a regular basis to highlight what the children are learning.

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