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Be a mommy greeter. It's easy!!!

Monday, January 16, 2017 5:03 PM | Claire (Administrator)

When it comes down to hosting play-dates and meet ups most moms can be a little apprehensive about taking it on. I think the thoughts of food planning, spending money and having to clean your house are what keep us from jumping at the opportunity to be the hostess.

I know when I am planning a play-date I am one of those who over-think it all and end up going a little above and beyond the usual duties. At the end of it all, sure it’s nice to have my place smell like fresh baked cookies and for my shelves to be well dusted, but I know the other moms could care less about the ‘staging’ and care more about socializing, getting to know other moms, and having the opportunity to get out of the house and have their kids interact with others.

Joining Life With a Baby has helped me and other moms do just that. LWAB encourages their members to meet up for various activities such as stroller walks, park dates, activity centers, coffee chats, home dates, and more without the added pressures of worrying about providing food or having spotlessly clean homes. Since more and more moms are creating play groups and meet ups through LWAB, we wanted to make sure everyone knew how easy it was to be what we are now calling a Mommy Greeter!

A Mommy Greeter is someone who loves to get out there and meet other moms and kids; someone who is welcoming and enjoys striking up conversations about everything from teething to date night.

All a mommy greeter needs to do is show up at the meeting spot of the play-date/meet up, at the scheduled time, and welcome all the moms and kids who show up to join in on the fun! It’s that easy!

Being a new mom can be a lonely and isolating experience at times, but by being a mommy greeter you can get out, meet other moms, exchange tips, and advice and start some wonderful friendships that can last a lifetime.

If you are interested in being one of our mommy greeters, please email bhavishree@lifewithababy.com

If you would like to arrange your own meet up with moms and connect with other members in your area, visit http://www.lifewithababy.com/Member_Meetups

Written by : Madeline Soleil Alaouze 

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