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Your Kitchen Faucet - It's A Big Deal.

Monday, June 19, 2017 9:40 PM | Claire (Administrator)

Every so often I look at space in my house and feel like it needs a change. I run through all the things I want to do to freshen up the place. I’m not talking a major home reno project because with both of us working full time and 2 kids in the house, there isn’t the time to deal with a full blown renovation. More like some cosmetic changes to make the house feel fresh again.

Painting is generally at the top of my redecorating list but hubby says not until the little guy turns 6 because it's a waste of time and money since the little guy likes to touch everything. Next up: a new rug for the floors? Yes, that's easy, doesn’t have to be expensive, and while we’re at it, some new curtains to make the room feel fresher. Then there are the bigger ticket items such as new appliances. I was pregnant with the now 5-year-old when we were purchasing appliances for our home and I not knowing what I was getting into I bought stainless steel fridge.  Total rookie mistake. I thought the stainless steel was pretty and would give the space a clean, sleek look. I remember telling the salesman that I didn't want the one with ice dispenser because I had seen my four-year-old playing with one while at the store and didn't want to have ice and water all over my floors. I can say now that was a REALLY good decision on my part (and probably the reason newer models have lock buttons on that function and / or hide it inside the fridge just above where a small child can easily reach). The one thing I didn't anticipate what that my fridge would look like this! 

No one told me that kids would have all this artwork that they would feel very proud of and that they would insist that needs to be displayed on the fridge so that everyone can admire it. So there you have it; thousands of dollars for a sleek, clean look and you’ll never see it because it’s covered in tape and artwork. We could have gone with a non stainless option and put magnets and you’d see the same amount of fridge. Chalk that one up to inexperience – and call it a lesson learned.

Now, you'd think that was the biggest form over function mistake I had made in my kitchen. But you would be wrong. The biggest regret I have, believe it or not, is my kitchen sink and faucet. Other than the fact that I knew I wanted a double sink in my kitchen, I paid very little attention to this detail. Having children is a great way to be reminded that you really should have considered function before choosing any items for your house. There is nothing wrong per se with the way the old faucet looked, it was sleek and stylish. However, it was not functional for us as a family. When the kids who are now 10 and five were helping out with the dishes (yes, they do the dishes) they made a mess because the faucet head was too close to the sink. Because the faucet head itself was low, it was hard to get one of my big pots in the sink to fill it with water, I could use the extension to get the pot filled up but it was awkward for me and next to impossible for the kids. Plus, after I had used both sinks it was a pain to easily wash the sinks out without hitting the faucet head. 

The new Huntley Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with SelectFlo fixes this problem and has some awesome extra features. Firstly, it’s high enough that even my biggest pot fits underneath it. Secondly it’s easier to use because you’re pulling the faucet to you instead of trying to twist things to fit under a fixed height faucet. Finally, it allows the user to select different flows according to the task at hand – so you can direct a jet of water onto some burnt on food to help get it off the pan. As a bonus, it’s also super stylish and completes my kitchen perfectly. It was just the little change that I needed, and the pull down feature alone is worth it for my family because it makes it easier for the kids to do the dishes without adult assistance. When something looks this great and makes everyday tasks easier because of built in functionality, it’s easy to love. And I definitely love my new Huntley faucet.


I was provided with the faucet in exchange for my honest review, as always all opinions are my own. 


  • Monday, June 19, 2017 10:16 PM | Jenn
    That faucet is so cool. Can you replace the scrubber part? That's such a neat feature.
    Link  •  Reply
    • Monday, June 19, 2017 10:19 PM | Claire (Administrator)
      Hi Jenn, yes you can. It's perfect for me because I cook a lot and between the scrubber and the SelectFlo I'm one happy camper. :)
      Link  •  Reply
      • Monday, June 19, 2017 10:24 PM | Jenn
        Wow. No more lost scrubbies if it's attached to the tap! Win.
        Link  •  Reply

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