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Perinatal Mood Disorder Resources in Quebec

Thursday, July 20, 2017 2:13 PM | Nicole

This is a list of Perinatal Mood Disorder Resources in Quebec. For a list of online resources, click here

Crisis and Support

  • Le Berceau Peinatal Center - free self-help group for mothers with postpartum depression
    • Register with the group before with Sandra Juárez at 450-446-7760 or sjuarez@leberceau.org
  • Canadian Mental Health Association in Quebec - free support line by calling 418-529-1899
  • Friends of Mental Health - provides a general mental health support group
    • register before at info@asmfmh.org
  • Government of Quebec - provides help and resources
  • Ami Quebec - Mental Health Support Groups
  • Revivre - provides French only support groups and a support line

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