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  • Tuesday, July 25, 2017 2:21 PM | Nicole (Administrator)

    Toronto & York Region


    • Visit the Art Gallery of Hamilton on Free Fridays on the first Friday of every month after 4:00pm
    • Take an outing to one of Hamilton’s Gardens – find one here
    • Find parks in Hamilton here
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    Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

    • Visit the City of Waterloo Museum at Conestoga Mall
    • Take a Trip to St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market – open on Thursdays and Saturdays all year and on Tuesdays for the summer
    • Take a Trip to the Cambridge Farmers’ Market – open on Saturdays all year and on Wednesdays for the summer
    • Find a list of parks in Kitchener here
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    Across Canada
    • Free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass – with this pass you have unlimited opportunities to enjoy national parks, national marine conservation areas and national historic sites across the country that are managed by Parks Canada
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    • Go to a free kids’ workshop at Home Depot – find a location near you here

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 3:04 PM | Nicole (Administrator)

    Mood Walks is a Ontario based initiative that promotes physical activity as a way to improve physical and mental health. The goal of this event is to create a safe, inclusive, supportive group environment as well as to improve the mental health of new moms. We accomplish this by gathering together to walk along a beautiful relaxing trail while engaging in physical activity and socializing with each other. Physical activity is proven to improve mental health as your body produces endorphins which helps raise our moods. 

    Find your local walk:


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    Newfoundland and Labrador

    St. John's

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 11:10 AM | Allison (Administrator)

    As we were packing up to leave after a weekend at Fern Resort, my son said he wants to come back “again and again and again”. It is easy to see why – everything is perfect for kids (mine are 2 & 4). We could check in early on Friday. The room had the bed rails we had requested – this is the first hotel I have been offered these – it was great to not have to push chairs up against the bed or worrying about my kids rolling off the bed. We went for a swim in the “warmer” pool – we brought puddle jumpers for our kids, but the resort life guards had some available to borrow. Again, this is not something that the hotel usually offers – it was so great to see. The kids then played in the kid’s pool – it is a gradual sloped pool, which is only a few feet deep at the deepest! They have the cutest little lounge chairs at this pool!

    At dinner, we had intended to feed the kids the early buffet dinner, then to take them to Playville, but my son wasn’t feeling well, so we knew that wouldn’t be successful, so they stayed with us while we ordered off the menu! There were multiple vegetarian items on the menu, and items marked that could be made vegan! (At the BBQ lunch, they had vegetarian hot dogs, burgers, and Portobello mushrooms on the grill – I am not used to having that many choices!)

    After dinner, we walked along the pier, and saw the paddle boats, and kayaks. We looked for the turtle, but only my husband found him! We saw lots of sun fish, crayfish, and ducks though. I had a quick meeting to go to but my kids and husband enjoyed the bonfire, shuffle board and giant chess! 

    Image may contain: one or more people, child and outdoor

    The next morning, we explored the beach. The resort has a large bin of sand toys the kids can borrow. We were there early and watched the staff rake the beach, getting it ready for new sand castles and moats that were going to be built that day! We went to the boat dock, and were greeted by the staff who explained the time slots, and tried to sign us up! We did not go this year, but saw the ski dock, and the contraption on the boat that the skier can hold on to instead of the tow rope. It has been years since I tried skiing, and I was NOT successful, but I think these would have made it much easier!

    After playing on the beach for a bit, I had to attend the work conference (for Life with a Baby Organizers and Community Managers). This was in the basement of the inn we were staying in, so it was very convenient. The conference room was equipped with a Keurig machine, fresh water and ice, and pop and juice in a fridge. They even had mints on the table for us!

    My husband was with the kids while I was in the meeting. He took them to Playville, where he signed them up for the pony rides! The system for this was so well organized! All kids who were registered waited in the amphitheatre, and a staff entertained them with charades. Another staff member called on the kids who were next, and they had their turn on the horse. This is so much easier than trying to stand in line with a 2- and a 4-year-old, trying to keep them entertained, or from wandering off!

    After the meeting, we went for a swim in the “colder” pool, and went for dinner. After dinner, we went fishing with some other families. The resort offers wood sticks (reclaimed wood) with fishing line and a hook. They will even put the worm on the line for you! We did not catch any fish, but were able to watch the sun fish nibble the worms on the lines from the dock. We also played mini putt, and at the trampolines. We watched an amazing sunset from our third floor hotel room balcony -where my daughter was singing to anyone walking by.

    Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, outdoor and nature

    As I was packing up to leave, I was sad that we were leaving such a thoughtful and fun resort, but happy that I met a great group of moms and their families, and got to watch my children make so many new memories, I realized that I want to come back, again and again and again! Looking forward to next years #SummerAtFern!


  • Friday, July 21, 2017 11:09 AM | Cassandra (Administrator)

    We live in Oro-Medonte. So, when I excitedly told my husband that we were getting to go away to Fern Resort for the weekend with Life With a Baby, he said “you know that’s 15 minutes up the road right?” But I saw the silver lining – long car trips with my 3 kids are TORTURE. So, just as they started to ask “are we there yet?” we were! And that alone was glorious.

    We arrived on Friday just in time to drop things off in our room, take a quick walk around a bit of the resort, and then head into the restaurant for dinner. It was so nice to find that our table was already set up just for us, with a comfy highchair for our youngest (11 months). The kid’s buffet had loads of options of picky littles ones (ours are 4 years and 2 years) so no one complained – especially when I led them over to the dessert options! 

    Now, we’ve never left our boys with a babysitter that’s not family or a close friend before, but when we heard about PlayVillage, we had to try it out. Fern Resort actually does a 5:30pm kid’s dinner and then you can DROP THEM OFF to be fully supervised and entertained while you go back and have dinner ALONE. And it’s included in your stay. Seriously. We dropped them off and, believe me, I didn’t even feel guilty. We had a quiet dinner together without having to bounce a baby around or negotiate with a toddler. It was amazing. And when we went to pick them up, our oldest started to cry, because he “didn’t want to miss the trampolines!” Luckily the trampolines, and a million other activities, are open all day for free use. So we bounce, then played mini-golf, then had a swim and then finally got everyone to bed for a much needed rest. 

    Saturday morning the kids were up at the crack of dawn to explore the resort some more. So ball hockey, shuffleboard and lawn bowling were all fit in before breakfast! While I was in the LWAB conference for the day my hubby was easily able to keep all 3 kids entertained in the pools. What made our day even better was that there were a couple spare “puddle jumpers” to use because of course we forgot ours at home (and didn’t want to make the 15 minute drive back to get them obviously!). Seriously – Fern thinks of everything! Lunch was BBQ style by the pool; endless options of burgers, veggie burgers (my fave), hot dogs, fries, onion rings (YUM), corn on the cob and way, way more. And then we all grabbed a huge bowl of ice cream to finish lunch off right. Back to the conference for me and off to the room for a long nap for the boys! 

    It was wonderful getting together with the other women from LWAB – what an inspiring group! I am still brand new at this and I’m just in awe of this incredible organization and the women behind it. So spending the afternoon chatting all things LWAB was a great “jumping in” experience for me! And it made me that much more excited to continue to grow our Barrie chapter!

    With the conference portion over, I met up with my boys for dinner (again – PLAYVILLAGE I LOVE YOU!!) and then I finally got to jump in the pool with the boys! It was chilly because of the cool night air but then we warmed up in the hot tub and, to quote my 4 year old, it was “soooooo relaxing”. Once we were all dry and the boys were in their jammies we headed over to “Mary Lou’s” for the magic show! Our older 2 were crazy excited and, until they started to crash, they had a fabulous time! They slept solid the whole night through (no such luck with the baby!) and even “slept in” until 7:30am (FYI that’s NOT my idea of sleeping in). 

    Even though Sunday was overcast and a little rainy at some points, we spent a few hours in the pool, played a round of mini-golf and then explored the rock wall and zip line before we had to head home. I LOVED that check out wasn’t until 1pm, it made things so much easier to be able to relax and enjoy the resort for the morning rather than worrying about getting everything packed up. Instead we got to have lunch and really enjoy some family time before we got in the car for the long (LOL) drive home. 

    Our oldest asked while we were there “Mom? Can we come back here when it’s summer again next year?” The boys had so much fun, we had so much fun and most importantly, we just really got to relax and enjoy “old-fashioned” family time. Unplugging and getting away – no matter how close or far from home – is good for the soul. And Fern Resort just made things SO easy to enjoy! Honestly could not have been happier with our weekend and I’m already planning to add a couple extra days to our trip next year! ;) 

    #SummeratFern #LWAB

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 10:51 AM | Nicole (Administrator)

    This is a list of Perinatal Mood Disorder Resources in Nunavut. For a list of online resources, click here

    Crisis and Support

    • Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Helpline - phone support from 7pm to midnight
      • Support line: 867-979-3333
      • Toll-free line: 1-800-265-3333
    • Community Health Services - some health centres have mental health services available. Check with the health centre in your area to see what services they provide
    • Cambridge Bay Wellness Centre - offers wellness programs for mothers such as Moms and Tots, Pre and post natal mothers, and Pre and post natal women's group

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 10:45 AM | Nicole (Administrator)

    This is a list of Perinatal Mood Disorder Resources in Northwest Territories. For a list of online resources, click here

    Crisis and Support

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 10:37 AM | Nicole (Administrator)

    This is a list of Perinatal Mood Disorder Resources in Yukon. For a list of online resources, click here

    Crisis and Support

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 10:21 AM | Nicole (Administrator)

    This is a list of Perinatal Mood Disorder Resources in Prince Edward Island. For a list of online resources, click here

    Crisis and Support

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 10:14 AM | Nicole (Administrator)

    This is a list of Perinatal Mood Disorder Resources in Nova Scotia. For a list of online resources, click here

    Crisis and Support

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 10:05 AM | Nicole (Administrator)

    This is a list of Perinatal Mood Disorder Resources in New Brunswick. For a list of online resources, click here

    Crisis and Support


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