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  • Monday, September 05, 2016 4:35 PM | claire (Administrator)

    It's that time of the year again. Summer vacation is coming to an end, and it's back to school time. Over the last nine years of parenting, my view on this time of the year has changed significantly.

    This was the email that I sent out to Life With A Baby members in 2009, two years after becoming a mom, and one year of the program.

    I've been listening to some back to school commercials that call back to school time the most wonderful time of the year for parents because the kids will be back in school. For us new moms with infants or toddlers going to daycare it's not so wonderful. My toddler started daycare last week and I wish I could turn the clock back to when she was younger and I had much more time with her. I really truly hope that I never get to the point where I will feel like back to school time is the best time of the year. To the right is a picture of Katelyn & I when she was five months... and I cannot believe it's been two years already! Where did the time go?

    A few years later in 2012, I had a different perspective and was a bit more reasonable. Let's face it, as our kids get older, and we are further along in our parenting journey our views change.

    Katelyn is now 5 years old and in SK. I also have a 13 month old little guy Ethan. I still don't consider back to school time as the most wonderful time of the year, but it is pretty darn close :-). This time when I heard the commercials, I nodded with understanding and I honestly looked forward to getting some structure in both our days. After a full summer of fun, bonding and exhaustion, I was glad for school to start again.

    Now, seven years after my initial email I can joyfully sing along with the commercials. I wholeheartedly agree! It is the most wonderful time of the year.

    Now don't get me wrong. I love all the good times that we spend together. Note that I specified the good times. Realistically, having the kids around all the time over the summer months gets tiring. I miss the routine of the school year. I will not miss hearing them saying "I'm bored".

    I will send them off to school happy with the realization that we had a fantastic summer. I will enjoy the quality time we have in the evenings and on the weekends glad that I was able to get work done, and they are learning what they need to at school.

    I'm also happy because September gets us closer to fall, the gorgeous colours, the long family walks, the cuddles in evenings after school. I do love this time of year. 

    With time our parenting views change, I look back at the time when I didn't want my kids to get older fondly. I loved that time. I'm glad I felt that way then.

    Now, I'm at a new place in my parenting journey. Now I don't mind that they are getting older. In fact, I want them to. I love the conversations. I love their personalities. I love experiencing the different stages that they are going through. 

    And I'm absolutely OK with them going off, and being away for me for a bit.  I'm sure in a few months, in the dead of winter, I'll be looking forward to summer break and all the fun we will have together, yet again.

    How has your parenting journey evolved? What's one thing that you felt strongly about when your child was an infant that has completely changed?

  • Sunday, September 04, 2016 4:25 PM | claire (Administrator)

    Dear Jennifer, I recently read about your story and at first it just angered me. I know sometimes headlines are written for maximum shares, so I wanted to read more before I comment on it. In all honesty, at first, I thought it was satire. Is a mom really suing because of the pain and suffering of a raising a non-white baby?

    I didn't want to form an opinion without learning more, so I read on. I watched your tearful videos. From what I saw it sounds like you love your daughter. But, love in not an excuse for bad behaviour.

    Jennifer, I get it. I know it's hard managing expectations when parenting doesn't turn out the way you expect. I know you wanted an ideal child and you put a lot of care into choosing what that child would look like. The ideal child for you would be a white baby from a father with blond hair and blue eyes. And instead, you received a mixed race baby.

    I get you being upset with the sperm bank. I would be too. WHO wouldn't be? Realistically, I cannot imagine a scenario where anyone could have this happen and not be upset. We would all have that moment of Oh my god. What happened?

    Photo source <>

    And so you sued. You said you sued because the sperm bank was callous, didn't apologize, and didn't seem to care about their mistake. The case was thrown out. You had a right to sue; the sperm bank made a colossal mistake. I agree with you that the sperm bank should be held accountable - not because of the mixed race baby but because they messed up. And I think that is what you should focus on.

    Instead, though, the second time around, you are focusing on the emotional trauma associated with raising a non-white baby. This is the part where I'm completely lost. From watching the videos and the way you talk about your child, it seems like you love her, and you are happy with your daughter. You say you wouldn't change a thing, and you are very happy. Again, Jennifer, I have to remind you that love is not an excuse for bad behaviour.

    Using your child's skin colour and mixed race status as a negative to try and leverage the trauma to you is wrong.

    Requesting money to be able moved to a more tolerant town because you cannot stay in the racist town that you live and grew up in is wrong.

    Requesting money because of the emotional pain associated with driving to a black hairdresser to get your daughter's hair cut is the height of hypocrisy.

    Can't you see that your daughter will one day read that you felt that raising her was harder simply because of the colour of her skin?

    Guess what Jennifer; it is not your sweet daughter's fault that you have to move to another town. It's systemic racism towards people of colour.

    It is not your daughter's fault that you feel uncomfortable driving to a black hairdresser to get her hair done. It is your own racist tendencies.

    I know, you are going to say that you are not racist and can't be racist because you know what it's like to be marginalized. This is where I'm going to say bullshit, Jennifer.

    In fact, this is so much worse because you are a part of a marginalized group. You should understand. And you should know better.

    You are going to say you are not racist because you love your daughter. Loving one non-white person does not make absolve you from your racism. In fact, you are now doing to your daughter what others may have done to you because of your sexual orientation. Do you see that?

    Jennifer, whether you mean what you say, or only saying it to get money out of the insurance company, you are your child's first bully.

    You are using black stereotypes so that white people at the insurance company will be sympathetic towards your request for $150,000. AND you know what you are doing.

    So how does it feel to be your child's first bully? To perpetuate the stigma that she is less than a white child because of the colour of her skin.

    I get it. It was a shock; it was a disappointment, but this child deserves parents who will be her ally, not her bully. She deserves parents who are going to protect her in a very unfair world. She deserves parents that will not perpetuate racism towards her no matter how much it may help their case.

    And for God's sake this poor child is going to read about herself one day. She is going to read how she was not wanted, and how difficult it was for her parents simply because of the colour of her skin. She is going to read that she was a mistake and that she made your life difficult simply because of the colour of her skin.

    But Jennifer, you knew who she was going to be before she was born and you chose to have her.

    Now I'm asking you to choose to support her, choose to stand up for her, choose to break down barriers for her, choose to fight systemic racism for her.

    File a suit because the lab made a colossal mistake, sue because you want to prevent other couples from going through the same thing. Sue because you believe the lab should be held accountable.

    But please, do not base your suit on the pain and suffering of parenting a non-white baby. That is just bullshit!

  • Saturday, September 03, 2016 9:07 PM | claire (Administrator)

    Last week, I was going along fine and then.... FREAK OUT! Though, I'm not sure if it's still a freak out if no one is around to see it.

    What happened? I wanted to have a fun day out with the kids just the two of us. I told them they were in charge of the day, and I'd try to do as many of the activities they wanted to do as possible. Naturally, I was out ALL day! These kids have a lot of energy.

    Luckily, it was Friday, and they were going to Grandma's for a sleepover. I got home after dropping them off to the grandparents for the evening, and the living room was in disarray from the kids building forts and playing in the morning.

    Surprise, surprise it was exactly as I had left it in the morning.

    And, the sink is full of dishes - and it is my day to do them.

    And, I had to do laundry. So much laundry - why is there always laundry to do? I just did it last weekend!

    I started cleaning up, and I get a text message from hubby asking if I planned anything for us the night. I forgot it was my turn to plan date-night. And truth be told I didn't want to go out I'm was tired from the all the activities.

    So, I call him to see how long he was going to be and ask him to pick up wine.


    I found out he is golfing. GOLFING! I said, "OK, see you soon." AND then I had a little tantrum, stopped loading the laundry, wrote a long text which I promptly deleted. You know, along the lines of " it's not fair, the house is a mess, how could you be golfing when the house is a mess.

    Because this was not my first time having this type of freak out, I knew what his response was going to be.

    "no one is making you do it,

    no one is saying it can't wait until tomorrow,

    no one is telling you to do everything."

    And most importantly, "Why are you cleaning when you are supposed to be getting ready for our date?"

    So, I reminded myself that the difference between Denys and I is that he is VERY good with self-care. AND? The reason I was freaking out and feeling frustrated is because I'm tired and likely need to do something for my own self-care. So I scheduled some me time in my calendar. Suddenly, I went from frustrated to looking forward to my chocolate body wrap and facial even if the only time they had available is 9 am.

    Immediately, I was less tired and was able to finish the rest of the chores like it was a great pleasure :) And I delegated putting away the clean laundry to him.


    Do you find your partner is better at self-care and taking breaks when they need it than you are? I've been told this is a mom trait.

  • Friday, September 02, 2016 10:01 PM | claire (Administrator)

    As I was saying my gratitude for my kids and a prayer last night, I realized how grateful I am for this present moment, just the way they are.

    When I got to Ethan (who is the most challenging right now) it went like this:

    Thank you for Ethan, he is such a wonderful and caring boy, though I wish he would be less busy sometimes, and was more manageable. 

    I wish I had more energy to manage him but in a few years, it will be easier because he will understand cause and effect better, and he will be more careful.

    I look forward to that time. But in a few years he will be different, he may loose some of his sweetness and his spontaneity, and his infectious laugh may be different. In a few years, he will not be 5, in a few years who knows what will happen.

    Dear universe, thank you for Ethan - my sweet boy who loves to laugh, and jump, and who gives the best hugs and kisses. Ethan, who is so innocent and who doesn't have a mean thought. Ethan who delights in playing with yarn the way a little kitten would.

    Thank you so much for my sweet boy. Please give me the strength and understanding to allow him to be who he is right now and to be present in the moment, and to enjoy it.

  • Thursday, September 01, 2016 9:18 AM | claire (Administrator)

    It's going to be ten years of marriage in a few months. So we should have this co-parenting thing figured out already, right? I wish I could say we have everything figured out. We do not. The #1 thing that we argue about tends to be related to parenting styles. I'm more lenient that he would like me to be, and he is stricter that I would like him to be. When I find myself getting annoyed and thinking he is too strict, I remind myself that we both love and want the best for our kids.

    For all the ways we differ in our parenting, I always remind myself just how much he loves her and has always loved her. How much he protected her when I was going through PPD. How much of a rock he was for both of us in those early years. How he gave us the love we needed when I was in the void and my anxieties and my fears were controlling our lives. It's hard to say what a good man looks like in moments of stress and exhaustion. And parenting little ones is exhausting at times.

    I can tell you there were lots and lots of moments over the last ten years when we did not think we would make it. In the first year of marriage after our daughter was born, I thought he was the worst husband in the world. I was so angry and resentful and upset with him all the time. I hated that his life hadn't changed, and I was the only one who was losing myself. I am glad we did counseling, and I'm glad I was able to recognize where some of those issues were just in my head. There were lots of things that we needed to work through, and I'm glad we worked through them.

    A friend recently asked me what my advice is for the first year. Honestly, the first year of marriage after kids is hard. SO VERY HARD. The sleep deprivation plays so badly with our heads. If you had a good relationship before the stress of parenting took over - fight for your relationship. Put the time and effort in to get you back to where you were or to an even better place. I am so glad that I did.

    This photo popped up in my reminders today. I'm glad we took lots of pictures. That first year can be blurry. You know that saying "the days are long but the years are short"? It's true.

    My daughter is nine years old now. I cannot believe that much time has passed, it feels like just yesterday she was a baby. I remember this day at the splash pad. I remember that he was the one running through and playing with her. I was sitting under a tree resting and decided to zoom in with the camera to find them at the splash park. I remember capturing this very sweet moment and being glad that I saw it.

    It's the same with marriage sometimes. In those blurry days of parenting little ones, the years will fly by, make sure that you hold on to each other. Make sure to store the good days in your memory for protecting against those bad days. Sometimes we tend to focus more on the negative than the positive. Make sure to imprint all the positive memories on your brain.

    If conflicting parenting styles is a challenge in your marriage, work through it. Remember that moms and dads parent differently and that is OK.

    If you are in the trenches now, capture those moments, fight for the people you love, it will get better. XO

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2016 9:00 PM | Jennifer (Administrator)

    When we were expecting our first son we heard a lot of comments from friends and family about how impossible it would be to travel with children. We brushed the comments off and pushed through because travel was so important to us and we couldn't imagine our life without our adventures.

    So it came as a bit of a shock when we took our son on his first trip at 10 months. Something felt off, and I couldn't explain it. On one hand we were having an exceptional time seeing beautiful sites, spending time together, getting out of the monotony of everyday life back home. But through all that we just felt stressed. It wasn't until I read a great article that mockingly described how you would never go on vacation again once you had a child, that it hit me. That was it! That's what felt so different! The article explained, as a parent you will still go on trips but if you have to change diapers, pack for others then it's not a vacation. After that point, travel changed for us. I made peace with still going on trips but not going on vacation. I told myself it's just the season, this to shall pass.

    When we were invited to join Life With A Baby at Fern Resort our family jumped at the opportunity! We had heard fantastic things about the resort from friends and family. We were looking forward to the opportunity to connect as a family, enjoy the beautiful area and try out some new activities. Several people commented on how relaxing it would be. I smiled, but laughed inside. Relaxed?! Ha! They clearly hadn't traveled with a toddler.

    Well I'm here to report- boy was I wrong! We walked away from our two night stay feeling relaxed. Yes, that's right! We had our first VACATION as a family! Here's what made Fern different;

    • Toddler friendly dining

    We absolutely loved this part of our stay! In fact, for the next few weeks my son asked to go back to the “restaurant” on a daily basis. This may have been his favorite part. The resort offers an early child friendly buffet starting at 5:30pm. This really took the edge off for us because we knew we could get food into him as soon as the nightly witching hour would begin. We didn't have to wait for someone to bring it to us, we could just head right to our spot and eat. They offered a great balance and clearly had experience with picky eaters. Sauce was separate from the noodles, big variety and familiar favorites. Dessert was also plentiful but parked just out of sight line so parents could choose when and how much to offer.

    • Free child care

      We absolutely loved the play village! They offered you the option of either staying with your child or leaving them in their care. When we were planning our stay, we didn't anticipate leaving him there. My son is 21 months but has only ever stayed with his grandparents for a few hours at a time. The idea of leaving him alone with staff he didn't know really worried me. Again- I was so wrong! The first night, my husband offered to go play with him at the village to allow me to finish my dinner and chat with friends. Next thing I know, he came and sat back down at our table without our son! I was pretty panicked. My husband assured me they would call our cell if something happened but I couldn't wait, so I ran out and spied on him. He was fine! Not only was he fine...he was having a blast! So I went back to the dinning room and enjoyed my dessert in peace.

      We continued to visit the play village throughout our stay. Some of the time we stayed, and at other times we left and enjoyed our meal alone. What I was most impressed with was how respectful and attentive the staff were. I'm sure I came across as an overprotective mother but they were very patient and friendly. I left them my cell and asked that they call me if he asked for me. Sure enough, when my son asked for me they called. I expected to walk into a find a screaming toddler but instead found a calm kiddo who felt confident that I would return when he asked. It was a FANTASTIC first experience being apart!

    • Tons of activities and space

    The weekend that we stayed, was prime time and the resort was full. I expected to find it a bit crowded but that was not my experience whatsoever. The grounds are quite large and there is plenty of space to find a quiet spot. We really enjoyed the forested trail and the beach. My son is not big on swimming pools but loved to dig in the sand and find squirrels in the woods.

    Even with the resort being large, all the amenities are centrally located. This is so helpful for families with young children. Those little legs take a long time to move from place to place so being able to run back to our rooms quickly or grab a diaper in a pinch was fantastic!

    • New experiences in a friendly environment

    Having the opportunity to experience new things and see new sights is the number one reason my husband and I love to travel! Fern was the perfect place to introduce our little guy to so many amazing things. He got to see his first puppet show and the best part was it was ok that he was laughing loudly in the front row! The resort has such a family feel that the little quirks of toddlers are welcomed and not a nuisance. He also loved the campfire, and beautiful gardens. So many flowers that his mom could never grow at home! This was also his first time at a beach- such a hit!

    Our family has nothing but great things to say about Fern. Stumbling upon an unexpected vacation was just what we needed to refocus and get back to life on Monday. We can't wait to go back and make new memories as our son grows older.

    Jennifer is the Community Manager for Waterloo Region.  She is a stay at home parent to Elliot who is 22 months old.  She loves crafting, travel and is passionate about creative play!

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2016 1:01 PM | CONNIE

    Let's face it.... boys are gross :)   I can say it 'cause Im a mamma of two very active boys :)   Well... I suppose kids in general are gross..... hehehe....

    With back to school around the corner, I wanted to share 3 of the tips and tricks I have up my sleeve which seems to keep our family healthy and happy during the school year.   

    Last year was Jonathan's first year of school and I was terrified of all the potential sick days and infections he'd come home with as a child who never went to daycare and was new to school and crowd germs.  Surprisingly he was sick VERY LITTLE for our first year.  I can attest them to these......


    This is a trick right out of the Autism world BUT IT WORKS!  I have one of these taped to the lid of both of my boys' lunch bags and it reminds them about HAND WASHING before their snacks and mealtimes as well as to have their HEALTHY FOODS FIRST.   In case the teachers forget or are not on top of it (as I can imagine it would be difficult with 25+ kids!)... this keeps my little one reminded and on track.  Yes, he actually follows it!!!  And I remind and ask him every day if he did it....  There are days when he comes home with his TREATS because he says he was too full or "didn't have enough time" after his healthy snacks and lunch.  This is how I know its working :)  No more sick kids... No more full lunches coming come and thank goodness no more open and part full milk cartons in the backpack :)


    I was leary about how clean the kids' desks and lunch tables were at school, so with each lunch I fold and place a Bounty paper towel and put it on top of the lunch in the bag.  My boys know to use this to place down on their desk BEFORE they eat their lunch and to eat on top of it.  Its quick, sanitary and disposable! 


    That just it!  As soon as we come into the door, ALL of our hands get washed.  And that's from anywhere really.  Before the kids start eating snacks and spreading germs all over our home toys, those hands get washed.  PERIOD.  It works!!

    Happy back to school everyone and hope these tips help keep your family healthy this year!

    Connie Berenguer

    Life With A Baby York Region North Community Manager &

    Mom to Jonathan age 6 and Marco age 3

  • Monday, August 29, 2016 8:57 PM | CONNIE

    My family and I just came back from an amazing and fun filled 2 night weekend stay at The Fern Resort in Orillia.  We are a young family with 2 children ages 5 and 3.  We visited as part of conference group, joined by other young families. Overall we really enjoyed the resort and everything they had to offer for a young family. Highly Recommend for a summer vacay !!

    This is considered an all-inclusive resort so everything that you could possibly need is taken care of -- including three meals a day! Pretty much all of the activities you see onsite are also included with your stay -- free!

    What we Loved!

    Short Drive away!   Fern is the perfect little getaway destination for anyone from the GTA.  Conveniently located in Orillia it was only a 50 min drive for us which was great!

    was a great way upon arrival to learn about everything that Fern had to offer.  Getting a tour of the grounds and asking all of my questions right off the bat helped me prepare my vacation and stay and get the most out of it! Highly recommend that you attend orientation upon check-in!

    Free kids programs
    !  We felt like we were really able to enjoy our time both as a family and as a couple during the stay because of all of the free children's programming available starting at 8:30 in the morning and going until 8 o'clock in the evening. In addition there was free babysitting from 8 PM until midnight in one of the conference rooms for those who would like to extend their child free time or adults wanting to attend the evening entertainment alone.  There was also very affordable private in room babysitting services available for only eight dollars per hour which is very reasonable in comparison to most is resorts I've been to. My children had a blast in the children's programs and they came and went throughout the day as they pleased. I particularly like to how this children's program had an intermediary age group for three-year-olds where they could go with the younger infants or they could go with their older siblings in the older kids group. That worked out perfect for my three-year-old which is often an age that is awkward for programming

    Early kids dinner buffet
    . The 5:30 PM timeslot for the children's buffet is a perfect fit for most families whose children are hungry earlier.  We enjoyed bringing our kids to the 5:30 seating and then sending them off to kids programs so that we could come back for an adult quiet à la cart menu dinner and take our time to enjoy it. The children's buffet is a little chaotic with the swarm of hungry kids -- but it works!!  Packed with very kid friendly tasty options to appeal to even the fussiest of eaters 

    All the free things to do. Especially the pedal boats available. Pretty much everything on the resort is free to do other than motorized boat rentals, specialty programs like tea leaf readings and lessons like for skiing and the snack foods.  We loved all of the equipment available to be used on the grounds and specifically the free pedal boats!! Even the motorized equipment rentals, boating, fishing or water ski lessons were all very affordably priced in comparison to other resorts I've been to.

    Lots of pools and hot tubs
    . I have found in the past that some resorts could be really over crowded especially in the pools and hot tubs but not at Fern. There were plenty of pools to accommodate any level or age of swimmer and many hot tubs. You didn't feel cramped ever. It was not difficult to find a poolside seat in the sun or shade. I also loved the very shallow kids wading pool for the non-swimmer

    Dinner rolls
    . The bread at dinner was probably my favorite item that I tasted on the resort.  They seem to have a Bee and honey theme going on and the sweet rolls were so tasty to look forward to. The smell of them outside first thing in the morning was to die for :)

    Coffee in dining room
    . This one will sound odd but good coffee is something that is a deal breaker or maker for me and the coffee in the dining room at Fern is just delicious! 

    Conference facilities. I love how they kept our conference group together and that our hotel rooms were in the same building as our conference meeting room it was very easy to get around and to be accessible to everything my family was close to me while I was in conference and they were enjoying the facilities. The conference room was clean and spacious and well stocked with beverages and conference supplies. The space was quiet and private away from other vacationers for privacy

      Plentiful and lots of options to choose from.  There is no lack of food at Fern.  Enjoyed the dining room experience overall. I especially loved the baby place setting, complete with a high chair and wash cloth for the little ones.  Great thought!  The prime rib dinner was probably one of the best I have ever had and I am still craving it!  Highly suggest!

    Beach area with sand toys for the kids.  If I were to come again I would stay in one of these beach side cottages.

    Areas to improve:

    No poolside towels. You could get free pool towels but you had to go to the front desk to get them.  I would prefer that they were just by the pool, but that's just me being spoiled I'm sure :) I can see how they reduce waste and save money with their method


    No life jackets readily available by the pool for kids. You could get one if there was some extra available at any of the sports desks but I would have preferred if they had some racks of lifejackets available at any given time poolside on racks for the kids to use. I find that this practice is pretty common across family resorts and just allows for a better safety, but once again I could have remembered to bring one from home.

    No free daylong snacks and nibbles.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner was available and plentiful but it would be better if there were some more readily available free quick snacks and drinks throughout the day for those nibbles in between. Even daylong ice cream and a self serve beverage station poolside would be great!  They did have snack and drink bars open but they were at a fee.


    Rooms were dated but clean. We were in the Hearthside building which is not yet renovated and double beds which were small and very bouncy. I suppose the goal is that you’re only sleeping in your room and not spending much time there but I would have preferred a little bit more space with a larger bed for a more restful night sleep.

    Overall we had an amazing time at Fern.  My boys asked if we would live there and my husband wants to go back!  We will be sure to tell all our friends about our stay and be back soon.  My kids were passed out in the car within 5 minutes of leaving for home.  I think they had a great time :)  THANK YOU FERN!

    Reviewed by Connie Berenguer. Connie is the Community Manager for Life With A Baby York Region North. 

  • Monday, August 29, 2016 2:07 PM | Winnie (Administrator)

    Our whole family came to Fern Resort for the Life With A Baby training and retreat weekend. We arrived late afternoon on Friday because check-in time was at 4:00 pm. However, we did have the option of coming earlier to use the many facilities if our room wasn’t ready.

    As you drove into the resort, you could tell that it was a family-oriented place with tons of things to do for the whole family. My kids were so excited to see all the outdoor activities, play structures and the pool. For me, it was walking inside our room and seeing a stack of well-stocked towels in the bathroom that got me excited! As a family of five, I’ve often had to call the staff for extra towels at hotels. So you could imagine my excitement when I didn’t have to call them. I also loved the little counter area where the mini fridge was with a faucet—so useful to prep things for the kiddies if I had to. Another great touch was the small stepping stool inside our bathroom for short little legs—how thoughtful was that!


    Everything is well-equipped and organized at the resort. If you don’t get a chance to check out their website before your arrival, you can get a list of activities that are available for the family. As an event planner, I love “The Daily Buzz” newsletter because it gives you a run-down on all the activities for different age groups for the entire day.

    For the little ones, you could drop them off at the Nursery / Playvillage (Age 0-7).


    For the older kids, there were many activities for them to participate in. Some are structured, some are not. They could attend all of them or pick and choose. I love the flexibility of the schedule so that we could do what works for our family.


    All weekend, I was gushing about my favourite part of the nursery—the cribs! I couldn’t believe how equipped they were! My toddler daughter was well-looked after by the staff for the whole day (except for meal times) while I had our training. She played and slept at the nursery and had tons of fun. It was a great chance for my husband and my older boys to spend some quality time together.


    Our family had an amazing experience at Fern. This place is perfect for a family getaway. So many things to do for the whole family together. But it also had amazing facilities where the kids could be dropped off so the adults could get some alone time. Too many special touches that were oriented to a family to count!

    Throughout our stay, the staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Even during meal times when our kids could get a bit unruly, the wait staff was patient and served our meals with a smile. Calling Fern Resort a “family” resort doesn’t do it justice, it should be called the “ultimate” family resort!

    About the Author:

    Winnie Ng is the Special Events Manager for Life With A Baby. She’s a busy mom of three who loves to plan events and cook. You can check out her website at and food blog at

  • Wednesday, August 10, 2016 6:28 PM | claire (Administrator)

    Located in Oakville, Ontario, Brightpath Early Learning & Childcare is carefully structured to care for children from infants to 12 years of age. As part of their philosophy it is their dream to give every child a happy, stimulating atmosphere that promotes fun and a love for learning. 

    Upon entering the academy, you can see right away that this really is a fun and stimulating environment.  The walls are earth tones with beautiful murals, flower art, and other creative expressions in various locations all over the school. I felt calm and happy as I strolled through the centre during the tour.

    As I’m touring the facility one of the things that stood out for me was the opening hours, their facility is open from 6:45am to 6:00pm, which gives parents who need to be at work early in the morning some options.  With such long hours, I was curious about nutrition.  Each day the food is prepared fresh by kitchen staff, who follow the nutrition guidelines of the week.  The children in the centre are provided with nutritious food throughout the day.

    Brightpath Oakville also offers some specialized services and extras. From the physical education and recreation to special visitors, school photographs and themed events.

    I was very impressed with the staff, the cleanliness of the school, the bright and creative atmosphere.  Fussy children we quickly attended to, and the staff were all very calm and pleasant. 



    Both the outdoor and indoor playgrounds are spacious.  There are different playgrounds for infants and older kids.  Where shade was not available from trees, there was a large canopy to provide much needed shade.  There is a large indoor playground for rainy days. Both were very clean, and the toys were in good condition.

    Nutrition is a big deal for most parents, so I was really happy to see that Brightpath Oakville has a full size kitchen with a full-time cook that prepares well-balanced lunches and snacks for all students. Part of their philosophy is that Brightpah provides exceptional learning facilities and that their centres are the best in the industry.  On the tour, you can see that they really do everything possible to not only reach but exceed the standards imposed by the regulatory board.  From the minute you enter the centre, you can will see and feel that the staff really loves their job and that makes a big difference when caring for little ones.

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