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  • Wednesday, November 17, 2010 4:55 PM | Claire (Administrator)
    We are so happy to have Kathy Buckworth as a strong supporter of the LWAB program!
    We are excited about this wonderful opportunity to work with Kathy to continue promoting awareness of the LWAB program to new and expectant parents.

    About the wonderful Kathy Buckworth:
    Funny Mummy Kathy Buckworth is an award winning writer, television personality and public speaker, with numerous publishing credits in both national and local magazines and newspapers.  Kathy's books credits include “The Secret Life of SuperMom” and "The BlackBerry Diaries: Adventures in Modern Motherhood" and her new book, "Shut Up & Eat: Tales of Chicken, Children & Chardonnay" which is now available.!

    Visit Kathy's website at to learn more

  • Thursday, October 14, 2010 10:01 AM | Claire (Administrator)

          It’s voting season. Yes, and it’s pretty hard to miss isn’t it.  Whether you walk or drive, you are bound to see an array of promotional signs at almost every intersection.  Walk around your neighbourhood and the lawn signs are at every turn, so it’s hard to not know that there is an election going on. 

         What election is it?  Well it’s the municipal election and if you have small kids probably one of the most important voting decisions.  With your local mayor or ward councillor you will be able to contact them to ask questions specific to your town.  You can have your local MPP champion your cause and feel like you were heard.  Your local representative is your link to what you want in your community.

         Before I voted, I decided to contact a few of the representative for mayor and since I’m in Vaughan, I contacted the Vaughan candidates.  Now it’s always confusing what is considered Vaughan, from some research Vaughan  include:
    •  Woodbridge, Ontario, North/South - Teston/Steeles, East/West - Hwy 400/Hwy 50
    • Maple, Ontario, North/South - King Vaughan Line/Rutherford, East/West -   Bathurst/Hwy 400
    • Thornhill, Ontario, North/South - Rutherford/Steeles, East/West - Yonge/Dufferin
    • Concord, Ontario, North/South - Rutherford/Steeles, East/West - Dufferin/Hwy 400
    • Kleinburg, Ontario, North/South - Kirby/Major Mac, East/West - Pine Valley/Hwy 50

         I sent emails or left messages with the question “are families a priority”.  The two candidates that did get back to me are Paul Donofrio, who is running for Mayor of Vaughan and Sandra Yeung Racco who is running to be the councillor for ward 4.  
    Mr. Donofrio promises to support families and programs that support families included the Life With a Baby (LWAB) program and to show his commitment to his words, this statement on his website.  He affirms that community support is a very important part of his platform and will work towards this end.  Mrs. Racco is well known in the community for her accomplishments over the 7 years as councillor of ward 4, one of the most recent is the opening of the North Thornhill Community Centre as well as many parks and parklettes in our neighbourhood.  Mrs. Racco re-affirms her continued support of families and issued a press release singling out the LWAB program as one that in important and integral in the community of new parents.
    So what does this election mean for you and your family? 

         Personally, I never thought about voting until I had my daughter and now when I think about voting, I am careful in my decision, I make sure that I contact the candidates or read about them on their website. I ask the question: what do are your priorities?  I need to know their priorities because in the long run, this may be the difference between your child growing up in a family oriented environment with parks,  community centres,  local schools and programs that you value or not.  

         So whatever you do on this October, it’s important to vote. Who you vote for is up to you and should be done an in informed manner by researching the candidates and not by whose sign you like more or whose name you can remember.  Ask yourself, do what do they stand for, are families a priority and how will this affect me.
    You don’t have to wait until October 25th to vote, you can vote in advance by visiting

         For more information about the candidates in Vaughan that responded to my questions, their websites are below.

    Your vote counts and it does make a difference!

  • Friday, September 03, 2010 9:27 PM | Joanna

    If you're heading down to the CNE, don't forget to drop by the Life with a Baby booth and say hi to Claire. She's at Booth 1037 in the Shoppers Bazaar - Hall A.

    LWAB is selling unique personalized gifts. Choose from over 50 different backgrounds and put your own unique message and kid's birthdates on them. The perfect gift for your little munchkins.

  • Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1:35 PM | Joanna
    Claire Kerr-Zlobin, Joanna Vernik, Kimberly O'Mally were on Rogers Daytime TV to promote Life with a Baby. Watch it here.

  • Tuesday, May 04, 2010 4:15 PM | Claire (Administrator)
    Did you that York Region Public Health offer parenting workshops?  Well they do!
    Exciting news for new parents in York Region.

    The workshops include: Adjusting to the 1st year, Attachment parenting, Growth & development, Infant sleep, and Positive discipline.

    These workshops are for parents with infants 0-12 months and are across the Region. Currently, the programs are being offered in Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, Keswick, Woodbridge, Schomberg & Sutton.  The region plans to offer program in more location in upcoming months.  To see the flyer for these workshop and contact information click here

    Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or just need additional support? The York Region Community and Health Services department facilitates an educational support
    group to help families with the transition during pregnancy or after the birth of a baby.
    The Transition to Parenting program is a 12 week program. To see the flyer and contact information click here.

    Do you have a child between the ages or 1 and 5?  Nobody's perfect program may be for you.  NOBODY'S PERFECT is offered as a series of six to eight weekly group sessions. The program is built around five colourful, easy-to-read books which are given to the parents free of charge. During the meetings, trained facilitators support participants as they work together to discover positive ways of parenting.
    To see the flyer and contact info click here

    LWAB is working with Public Health to enhance programs and services for parents in York Region.

  • Friday, April 30, 2010 7:28 AM | Maria

    On Tuesday, April 20th, our guest speaker was John MacMillan, an experienced family life educator. John has been doing workshops with new parents for our 25 years. 

    He spoke about the importance of dad and how a male presence is important in a child's development.  He offered tips on how dad can bond with baby.  Dads' parenting style is different from moms' but babies learn different yet important skills from both.

    Some studies have shown that even a three month old baby can already distinguish between the different kind of stimulations that mom and dad give.

    How can dad be more involved?  Diapering, bathing and soothing baby are good opportunities to bond.  For the nursing baby, mom can pump milk and dad can feed. This will benefit baby but also dad. Being an involved father can be a source of pride and satisfaction too.

  • Friday, April 23, 2010 10:11 PM | Claire (Administrator)
    For some of us, our little munchkins are now toddlers. Adorable they are, with their little personalities but they are also at a developmental stage where we may be asking ourselves more and more why is s/he doing that?

    Our parenting your toddler workshop is underway and the most common questions were around sleep, tantrums, discipline, crying, potty training, power struggles, TV time and work life balance.

    Today our session was about active listening, expectations we place on our toddlers and emotional fitness in children.  We had Holly Kretschmer, Psychotherapist & Parent educator as our guest speaker.

    Guess what! I'm a huge fan of active listening. This technique really gives us a chance to communicate with our children and hear how they are feeling.  To demonstrate I've added a few pictures from yesterday.  

    You may think those are decorations in my bamboo plant, but no those are cheerios and cantaloupe.  I'm making dinner and Katelyn asks me for water, so I gave her water. I looked over and she is watering the plant... "awww so cute" I thought to myself.  I'm busy preparing dinner and she is at the table supposedly snacking.  about half an hour later I notice there are cheerios and other food in the water.  So I asked her, Katelyn, why you do that?  "I'm feeding the plant mommy, it's hungry" was her reply. I can only assume that since she gives the plant water b/c it's thirsty then giving it food when it's hungry would make sense. I said, "that was nice of you to feed the plant babe, but that is not the type of food it eats".  I saw her mouth making an O then she showed me the other plants she had fed :-)   I asked her to help me clean up the plants to reinforce the idea that we do not leave this type of food in the plant.

    My first reaction could have been to think she is destroying the plant or she did this to be bad, but it's really important to try and find out "what" your toddler's behaviour means. Maybe your toddler isn't able to express clearly with their words why they did it, which makes it harder to understand - but chances are they didn't do it to be bad. They may even believe they are doing it to help you and then don't understand why you are upset. 

    We also talked about Emotional Fitness and trauma and clarified some information with the group that Trauma is caused by long-term neglect over the life of a person and a single small event will not create long-term trauma. 

    Overall a great session, not every technique and philosophy will work for you and your child. We hope to give you information and best practices to use going forward so you can make informed parenting decisions.

    Do you have any active listening stories to share?

  • Wednesday, April 21, 2010 9:36 PM | Joanna
    It was an amazing 21 degrees today, and bright and sunny. What a perfect day for a walk! And walk we did. Eight moms with babies in strollers came out and enjoyed a good walk through a route that took us to three parks in the Red Maple and Bantry area-- James Langstaff Park, Russel Farm Park, and Springbrook Park.

    The "Park Hop" stroller walk has always been popular and although we visit the same parks, I will occasionally vary the route. If you missed this event, please join us next time.

    Next week, we won't be park-hopping but we will be walking in beautiful Mill Pond Park. Check our calendar for details. Come on out. It's a great way to meet new friends, and get to know the parks in your neighbourhood.

    See you soon!

  • Tuesday, March 16, 2010 10:36 PM | Joanna
    The following is a really funny blog post from one of my favourite blogs "Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip". Naomi de la Torre shares her version of "Not Me Mondays".  "Not me what--?"  Read on and you'll see :-)

    I Can Do Bad All By Myself

    This is my version of “Not Me Mondays” from a wonderful blog that everyone should visit, MckMama. I know it's not Monday. And I don't have the cool linky thing, cuz I'm lame like that. But I want to participate even in all my low-tech glory. So here goes…

    I did not serve my children frozen corn dogs this morning for breakfast, followed by a large helping of chocolate cake. Nor did I tell them that it would be all right to eat said gourmet breakfast directly on the living room carpet because I couldn't stand the whining and wanted to blog. Not me. Not me at all.

    I would never let my bathroom go months without a cleaning because I am a fabulous housekeeper. I have never seen hairballs the size of small goats roaming free beneath my toilet and munching small cockroaches as snacks. I would never let the toothpaste scum in my sink get so bad that I could no longer determine the color of the sink itself.

    I do not let my children deposit half-chewed foods and boogers into my open hand. This is disgusting and completely unacceptable.

    I did not find sixteen mummified cheese sticks under my couch when I was looking for a lost bouncy ball the other afternoon. But if I did, I would have put them immediately in the trash before my two-year-old managed to snatch and gobble one of them whole. I did not call Poison Control because cheese sticks, even when mummified, are still food.

    I did not leave a carved pumpkin in front of my house for weeks after Halloween was over until the pumpkin was devoured by green mold, caved in upon itself, became a small furry ball, grew legs, and walked away.

    I was hallucinating when I thought I saw the pumpkin mold creature lurking in the shadows of my sparkling clean bathroom last night. I did not run. I did not hide. And I did not spray the imaginary monster with Hot Shot Ultra Ant + Roach Killer because of course we do not need this in our house as I am such a fastidious homemaker. I am not afraid of the movie Monsters Inc. thanks to my imaginary run-in with the pumpkin mold creature and did not get hysterical the other night when watching this movie with my children and spray Hot Shot Ultra Ant + Roach Killer at the TV.

    I am not crazy and do not hallucinate on a regular basis. I do not need to be put in a straight jacket. I just need a short vacation from the madness and maybe … a housekeeper.

    Can you relate? Oh, come on. We all have our days. And if you're a Martha Stewart clone, I apologize if this makes you cringe. You can stop reading if you haven't already :-) Here's a tiny bit from me. Now share yours!

    I did not send my  two year old to daycare in stripes and polkadots wearing all the colours of the rainbow just because she threw a tantrum. Her fashion sense would reflect on me and I can't have that. Besides, I absolutely have control over my children and never give in to their hysterical fits. Never.
     - Joanna

    p.s. If you enjoyed the above post, visit Naomi de la Torre's blog and drop her a line.
  • Monday, March 08, 2010 12:41 PM | Joanna

    Newborn's Ten Commandments to Parents

    Another one from my midwives. I do not know its original author but I love this one!

    I come to you as a small, immature being with my own style and personality. I am yours for only a short time; enjoy me.
    1. Please take time to find out who I am, how I differ from you and how much I can bring to you.
    2. Please feed me when I am hungry. I never knew hunger when I was inside you and clocks and time mean little to me.
    3. Please hold, cuddle, kiss, touch, stroke and sing to me. I was always held closely inside of you and was never alone before.
    4. Please don’t be disappointed when I am not the perfect baby that you expected, nor disappointed with yourselves that you are not the perfect parents.
    5. Please try not to expect too much from me as your newborn baby, or too much from yourselves as parents. Give us both six weeks as a birthday present – six weeks for me to grow, develop, mature and become more stable and predictable, and six weeks for you to rest and relax and allow your body to get back to normal.
    6. Please forgive me if I cry a lot. Bear with me and in a short time, as I mature I will spend less and less time crying – and more time socializing.
    7. Please watch me carefully and I can tell you those things which soothe, console and please me. I am not a tyrant who was sent to make your life miserable, but the only way I can tell you that I am not happy is with my crying.
    8. Please remember that I am resilient and can withstand the many natural mistakes you will make with me. As long as you make them with love, you cannot ruin me.
    9. Please take care of yourself and eat a balanced diet, rest and exercise so that when we are together, you have the health and strength to take care of me.
    10. Please take care of your relationship with each other, for what good is family bonding if there is not a family to bond?
    Although I may have turned your life upside down, please realize that things will be back to normal before you know it.
    Thank you,
    Your Loving Child

    (First posted on: The Working Mama, February 8, 2010)

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