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Whether your business or organization is small, vast, or a one-person powerhouse, we need everything from speakers and experts to vendors and content collaborators to make the network work. In a nutshell, the ways to be part of the LWAB village are endless - plus, we tailor solutions just for you. Contact us today if this sounds like you.

Are you or your company looking to increase brand awareness with sponsored or customized content integration through our social media platforms, website or email database?

Our vast database, content subscribers, web visitors, event attendees, and online communities and forums provide a unique opportunity to reach an engaged target audience that stretches into the thousands. Strategic partnerships allow us to leverage our expertise to develop customized, creative, and useful content to share pertinent information and resources with our network.

Let’s make maternal mental health a priority.

Each year, we run several fundraising events, campaigns and initiatives to raise funds for our programming. We also run series and conferences aimed at educating and empowering both parents and members of the healthcare sector. We cover all operational costs associated with each, with some remuneration coming through ticket sales.

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