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We’re always looking for passionate, friendly, organized and outgoing individuals as we expand our commitment to building a strong network of communities across Canada.

At Life With A Baby, we fully support our Community Managers in building their local chapters to run as efficiently as possible in order to maximize community impact and chapter profits.

Fill out the form below to contact us about starting your own LWAB chapter and give back to your community.

Being a Life With A Baby Community Manager is the perfect fit for stay at home moms or moms looking to work from home and add a little extra income to the family. It’s also a feel-good role - you’ll be giving back and helping to provide ongoing social interaction and peer support to create confident, healthy families, right in your neighbourhood.

We work closely with you every step of the way by providing training and support to help you organize and run programs for new moms & dads, parenting support groups, peer-to-peer programs and community resources to build your own community network.

We develop and produce marketing, advertising, partnership and sponsorship proposal templates and materials to empower each Community Manager to grow and run a thriving chapter. By removing some of the day-to-day operational costs of each chapter, Community Managers are then able to keep costs to participants low, making it easily accessible to all. A percentage of net profit is returned to Life With A Baby to assist with support groups and training.

The first step to becoming a Community Manager is to run a few events in your area, or online, and then discuss with the admin team how to proceed! 


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