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Cassandra Jackson-Hauck


Age: Born in the mid-80's

Children: 3 boys; Avery (Jan 2013), Jackson (Oct 2014), Lucas (Aug 2016)

Career/ job: Stay At Home Mom

Hobbies and/or interests: Reading, movies, swimming, animal rescue. I founded Precious Paws Rescue which takes up a lot of “free time” - animal rescue has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Parenting philosophy: You can’t be everyone’s idea of “perfect”. Do what works for you and your family and ignore the rest.

Best part about being a mom: Being the one they run to. When they’re happy, sad, hurt, excited, whatever, I love that they come running yelling “MOM!!” and I get to be that important person in their lives.

Worst part about being a mom: Sleep deprivation. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in the last 5 years!

Best advice you received when you first became a mom:  Sleep when the baby sleeps. I don’t always follow it now with 3 kids but I always napped with my first and I still remember how awesome those naps were.

How you found LWAB, what has LWAB done for you: I saw a LWAB post on Facebook that they were looking for Barrie volunteers and I responded because I love getting out with my boys to fun activities and I was happy to volunteer at some. I was really happy to find such a wonderful organization helping moms – it’s hard to be social as a mom sometimes, motherhood can be very isolating, and LWAB is such an awesome resource for introducing you to other moms in your community.

Why do you volunteer: Being active in our community is important to me, I enjoy the feeling of giving back and helping other parents even in a small way.

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