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Twelve years ago, Claire Kerr-Zlobin was a new mom facing social isolation, anxiety, and loneliness. Following months of suffering, doctors diagnosed her symptoms as Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD). When a search for a support system came up short, she built her own.

After seeing many others struggle with the same challenges, and often alone, she founded Healthy Start, Healthy Future (HSHF) in 2008. Life With A Baby was born a year later and is now North America’s largest parent peer-support network, with no signs of slowing.

Why Volunteer With Us?

Life With A Baby is a community whose main goal is to reduce isolation and prevent Post-Partum-Depression (PPD); We and our volunteers help families face challenges that come along as they live their life with a baby. We make sure parents know that they are not alone and that the Life With A Baby family including its volunteers are there to support, educate, and connect. Volunteering shows dedication and commitment to our community. Join our family, become a volunteer to support and be supported.



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