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Life With A Baby is a community whose main goal is to reduce isolation and prevent Post-Partum-Depression (PPD); We and our volunteers help families face challenges that come along as they live their life with a baby. We make sure parents know that they are not alone and that the Life With A Baby family including its volunteers are there to support, educate, and connect. Volunteering shows dedication and commitment to our community. Join our family, become a volunteer to support and be supported.

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Here's what Debbi, LWAB member and Volunteer since 2009 has to say about her experience as a volunteer.

"I learnt about Life With A Baby through a friend and signed up for my first event completely unsure of what to expect. What I found was a group of women with the same circumstances as myself... a new mom craving 'adult' contact and conversation and unsure of "what to do" with this tiny new life I held in my arms.

It started with my volunteering to host a few social events, then some classes and culminated in my becoming more involved in general organization of events and activities, even though I am now back at work. Thanks to LWAB, I met and still keep in contact with moms in my "Birth Club"; as a group we still get together and will continue to stay in contact for many years as our children grow up together.

I would recommend to any parent of young children to volunteer to host a social event - something simple like a coffee and chat or meet up at one of the many free activities available for babies and young children. In general it's great being able to meet other parents, compare notes and share those special moments with someone who 'gets it'. It makes the parental journey a little less lonely or boring, especially for new moms on maternity leave.


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