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Serving Mississauga and surrounding areas.

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We make sure parents know that they are not alone and that the Life With A Baby family including its volunteers are there to support, educate, and connect.

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Age: early 30's

Children: Two little girls (born 2011 and 2015)

Career/ job: Senior Project Manager, medical field

Hobbies and/or interests: Interior design, vegetable gardening, reading, horseback riding

How you found LWAB, what has LWAB done for you: I stumbled upon LWAB when researching postpartum mood disorders online.  After having my first baby, I fell into depression. The LWAB community embraced me at my most vulnerable. 

Why do you volunteer: I volunteer because I don't want any new mom to feel like I did: depressed, lonely, and resigned.  I want to help moms re-connect with their community after having a baby, and empower them with information. Because of this, I organize fun stroller walks, and talk & topic workshops. I love organizing these events.

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