Birthday Gift your kids and their friends will love

Monday, September 26, 2022 10:59 AM | Claire (Administrator)

The cheapest birthday gift idea that your kid and their friends will love.

I learned about the Owlkids magazines at the Library, and Ethan has been hooked ever since. He loves getting mail with his name on it, and anything that encourages him to read more is a big win. It was $29 for a whole year of magazines which is $2.17 per month!

After seeing his reaction, I've decided to start giving out the OWLkids magazines as a birthday gift for his friends because it's so much better than another gift card that they'll end up losing anyway.

If you are getting it for your kids, then all you have to do is choose the magazine that is right for their age range. 

Chirp is for kids ages 3-6, ChickaDEE for ages 6-9, and OWL for ages 9-12

If you are getting it for your child's friend,

First, check with your child's friend's parent to find out if they already have a magazine subscription.

Second, make sure you put the child's name as the recipient, so it's their name on the package (they absolutely love receiving mail with their name on it). The novelty has worn off for me since mine are just usually bills ;)

Third, get their mailing address. I accidentally put my address on the one I sent to my nephew by accident. It was an easy fix through their customer service.

Finally, relax in the comfort that your $29 gift continues to give ALL year long instead of another gift card. If you are thinking ahead, this also makes a great holiday gift. 

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