Managing Expectations Program - Week 1 - Lets talk about sleep, baby!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 10:39 PM | Claire (Administrator)
We'll be running our Managing Expectations program for new & expectant parents starting Friday July 10th @10am at the Ontario Early Years Centre at Bayview & John.

The focus of this program is to normalize the challenges first time and new parents face adjusting to the new dynamics in their relationships.  This 6 week program will include tips and strategies for:
*Keeping the marriage strong
*Sleep training methods and strategies
*Getting support and local resources
*Expectations v.s. reality and the supermom complex
*Importance of self-care and eating for mood
*Managing Money and Life With a baby on a budget

Week one - Let's talk about sleep, baby!

So you know those romantic notions we had before giving birth that all babies do is sleep and eat ... As first time parents we think that up until the point we get home from the hospital and find ourselves thinking why won't the baby sleep... so we go down the list;
we make sure the baby is fed, we change the diaper, we check the room temperature - is it too hot, is it too cold, we rock/and or nurse and the baby falls asleep so we decide to put her down in her crib and tip toe out the room, you get outside the door and say YES!!! she's sleeping and then.... that's as far as we get, so we go back in and try the routine again and again to no avail, by this time, baby is tired, mommy is tired, daddy is tired... this is how arguments start, sleep deprived parents become cranky, easily irritated and sleep deprivation can lead to the baby blues - good news is there is help...

In order to better understand the how-to's of getting you and your baby to enjoy going to sleep and staying asleep, we will discuss some important principles of sleep that every new parent needs to understand.

Luckily we have a wonderful Doula, Marcia Horbacio, our very own sleep fairy will provide information on the various types of sleep training methods as well and discuss the importance of sleep and mom's health.

Sleep training does not mean that you let your baby cry it out, In Week 1 of our Managing Expectations program we'll discuss our expectations of sleep, and we'll give you tools and tips that you can use at home with your baby so that the entire family can get the rest they need.

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