Why i'm sooooo excited about the new LWAB Weight Watchers Canada New Partnership!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2017 9:22 AM | Connie (Administrator)
Life With A Baby has just announced their new partnership with Weight Watchers Canada and I am soooooo excited about this relationship. Here's why!

Back in 2010 when my first son was born, I decided to bite the bullet and take care of my post baby weight plus some much overdue pre-baby weight :)    I signed up for the Weight Watchers online program and successfully lost 20lbs quite easily.  I felt great!  It was easy and completely safe to do while breastfeeding.  I honestly feel like the program saved my new mom mental health during mat leave.    

Then....... well...... "life with a new baby" got in the way :)  I gained it all back and more!      Once my second born was 3 years old and I turned 30, I decided to take my life and weight back into control. I was not at a good place in my life.  I felt stressed, lack of energy and completely undesirable.  

I created my own private local LWAB Weight Watchers Group in Mount Albert last September.   After just 4 months, I reached my goal and became a Life Time Member.  In addition, I met some of my best friends today.  The peer to peer support from the group model really helped me this time around.  Being surrounded by like-minded ladies who all understood the challenges of being a mom was key to my success and I can't thank "my girls" enough. 

Connie July 2015 vs. July 2017 (current)
40lbs total loss

Today I am proud to announce that I am also now a Weight Watchers Group Leader.  I am I am very excited about bringing the WW program to all of our LWAB Members and helping other local new moms achieve their weight loss goals.

Enjoy the program and looking forward to the possibility of working with you!

Connie Berenguer
LWAB Community Development Manager & Weight Watchers Group Leader


Life With A Baby is excited to announce our new and exciting partnership with Weight Watchers Canada!

Our members will now have access to EXCLUSIVE RATES on this popular program. 

CLICK HERE for our special LWAB rates on Monthly Passes at existing WW Community Meeting Rooms.

In addition, we will be launching new baby-friendly LWAB Private Member Weight Watchers groups across several of our chapters.  Please see below a listing of some upcoming LWAB WW groups.  

We all know the research surrounding positive maternal mental health and social time, peer to peer support & healthy active living on preventing / helping with #PPD.  This new partnership will be a great resource for our member base and in alignment with the Life With A Baby mandate.

To learn more about the Weight Watchers program and how it work, please visit their website at www.weightwatchers.com

If you have questions about the LWAB Weight Watchers program partnership, please direct them to our very own LWAB Community Development Manager and new Weight Watchers Group Leader, Connie Berenguer at connie@lifewithababy.com.  

Upcoming LWAB Weight Watchers Groups (York Region North Area)

Wednesday Evenings @ 7:30 pm

*  Mount Albert Group (ladies only)  
*  Existing group / able to join late starting July!  
*  New round starting late September
*  Email connie@lifewithababy.com for more details

Monday Mornings @ 10:00am

Mom & Baby Aurora Group @ Urban Park Play Yard

Thursday Mornings @ 10:00am

Mom & Baby Newmarket Group @ Play Lounge 

If you are interested in an exclusive LWAB Weight Watchers group in your chapter area, please email your local community manager your stated interest.   Note that we need 15-20 members in a chapter area to run a group.  Groups will be created based on member demand.  

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