Summer Fun at Fern Resort

Monday, July 31, 2017 2:18 PM | Denise (Administrator)

It is our 2nd time going to the Fern Resort. 

We couldn’t go on Friday afternoon due to a work commitment.  Therefore we headed out early Saturday morning.

As soon as we turned into road leading to the entrance, we felt like “home”. 

Our check-in was very smooth.  The front desk staff were very friendly and even reminded us to go to dining room for breakfast.

We stayed at the same building of last year, Hearthside Inn.  Each room has a balcony.   This time our room is facing the swimming pool.  The view is colorful with the blue water, white sun tables & chairs and red roof…… 

My 11 years old couldn’t wait to check out the activities of the day.  Trampoline, biking, fishing, poolside games, scavenger hunt…… and there’s paddle boat!!!  So many to choose from.  Best of all, it’s all inclusive.  Some may have a small fee to pay, such as fishing in the lake or taking a sunset cruise but it only cost $7-$10.  

We booked our poolside BBQ for lunch as the weather was beautiful.  There are a lot of choices from the food: hot dog, hamburger, pizza, all sort of sandwiches, taco, fries, poutine, salad, cupcakes, tarts and ice cream…… you will definitely find something.  In fact I found it difficult to decide what I want because there are too many choices. Hahaha! 

Have I mentioned that Fern offers not just children & youth programs but also babysitting services?  We have 1 child and we did everything there with her but many of our fellow families have more than 1 kids and most are young children.  So they really love this babysitting services.  Dining room opens at 5pm for kids’ buffet dinner so that parents can feed their kids and send them off to the Play Village.  Then relax to have a date night with candle light dinner.  How nice!!!

Perhaps the biggest discovery for us this time is the Ping Pong games.  I am not an very athletic person and there are many activities that I cannot do with my daughter.  However, we discovered Ping Pong at the Mary Lou Hall.  This is the only “sports” that I am able to do it with my daughter.  We spent a great amount of time playing Ping Pong.  We have so much fun that I think I am going to set up Ping Pong at home.

Fern Resort is like going to cruise or any all-inclusive overseas resorts without flying.  It is just 1.5-2 hrs drive up north.  It is very family oriented and every member in the family can surely find something to suit their needs. 

We can’t wait to come again next time!!!

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