Sleep deprivation is a form of torture

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 10:35 PM | Claire (Administrator)

Reason numero four... sleep deprivation will turn a sweet, loving wife into a raging lunatic... yes it's true, I've experienced it many times.

It's 3 o'clock in the morning and you are still awake... worst yet, this is the fourth time that you've been up and it's only three... you can't sleep so what do you  have time to do?  THINK!  I would start thinking about all the things that weren't done today, all the things I have to do tomorrow... then I would start thinking that I would be able to do some of those things if HE would wake up, come downstairs and stay with the baby so that I can get some sleep... but NOOOO he has to WORK tomorrow, like what I'm doing isn't work, right... just because he actually goes to work and brings home a paycheck he thinks thats' work... well, I'll show him, I'll leave him with the baby for a whole day and then he'll see what work really is... 

So how many of you were smiling when you read the above paragraph... it's funny because it's true. We have all had variations of this.  What is the solution?  If, you are completely sleep deprived, drained to the point that you need sleep and need help, go upstairs tell your sweet, loving husband to wake up... take care of the baby so that you can get two hours sleep.  In the grand scheme of things, if your hubby has been sleeping regularly, then the two hours that he looses will be nothing in comparison to the benefit you will get from two hours of sleep.  Sleep deprivation is probably the number one reason we get emotional, irrational and moody, so do whatever you have to do to get it. There have been days when I'm too tired to do the pick up put down method, so I've slept with my daughter, I had to get a weekend nanny to come in so that I could get sleep on the weekend, I had my mother-in-law, friend, sister, other moms from the group over so that I can rest for an hour... Do whatever works for you so that you do not become sleep deprived...

On some of the days where I didn't get sleep the night before, I told myself I wanted a separation, divorce, wanted to move out, change the locks on the doors... did I really want these things, of course not, but when you are tired, haven't gotten the chance to take a shower lasting more than two minutes, up every two hours, you think irrational thoughts and in these instances, I'm sure it's the husbands that are thinking... oh my goodness, what did I get myself into, so when you get a moment, do something nice for your hubby... he's been through a lot too...   It's no one's fault and this too will pass because the baby will start to sleep longer, everyone will fall into a routine and hopefully we have some support and coping strategies for dealing with those sleepless nights.

If you need support for those days... ask.  That is what this group is here for. We are a community of moms who connect and support each other. 

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