Baby sleep problems: Essential oils as the solution

  • Friday, September 11, 2015
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Keswick Christian Church: 2 Old Homestead Rd, Keswick ON L4P 3C8.
  • 6


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Is your baby/toddler a great sleeper? 

Then you are one of the lucky few. For the rest of us, sleep problems have been plaguing the family for either a few days, or many many months. Whether the cause is teething, attachment, or being overtired and over stimulated, essential oils might just be the natural solution. 

Join us for an interactive and informative workshop as expert Christine Dabek explains the many benefits of essential oils and focuses on sleep for this particular workshop. The cost is to cover a mixture of essential oils sleepy bedtime spray that everyone will make under her guidance and take home to try on your little one(s)..

The workshop will be an hour-1.5 and everyone is welcome to stay and play with their kids and other parents until 12 pm. There are 2 room and many toys to keep the little ones occupied and happy.

Cost & how to pay: $5 on site the day of the event. Please bring exact change. 

Please note: 1 counts as a parent and however many children.

Hope to see you there,

Mary and baby Charlotte

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