LWAB Goes To Peru : Family Trip July 4-14

  • Saturday, July 04, 2020

Join LWAB's founder Claire & family and Our Whole Village host for a guided family trip to Peru this summer from July 4-14.  All the details at 

3 Reasons You'll Love Our  Whole Village Family Adventure Travels

1. Custom tailored, kid-friendly experiences. We handpick local, authentic adventures and activities that are not only fun but meaningful and enriching for the entire family. We understand the essential role travel plays in raising good global citizens and carefully craft journeys that connect families to the world, its peoples, and its cultures.

2. Responsible travel with a positive global impact. Our trips provide you and your family with new perspectives, broader horizons, and a greater global appreciation. Our model also ensures that tourism dollars directly benefit local families. In addition to working with local guides, accommodations, and providers, fifty percent of our proceeds get reinvested into local economies.

3. Stress-free adventures for the whole family. We understand that travel with kids doesn't have to be stressful and work hard to create the perfect all-inclusive adventures. Our trips include everything from transportation to and from the airport to meals, hotel accommodations, excursions, and more. We leave nothing to chance. That way, you can focus on what really matters, creating family memories that'll last a lifetime.

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