Infant Sleep Workshop - Triple P Practitioner Workshop

  • Tuesday, February 25, 2020
  • 1:00 PM
  • 7751 Yonge Street Thornhill, ON L3T 2C4


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This program is brought to by:

Infant Work Shop ( Positive Parenting )(Newborn- 14 month)

by Inventiveminds Kidz Academy

Topics of content at the workshop?

Sleep at different stages.

How much do babies sleep?

How to keep your baby safe and comfortable?

How to help your baby develop a manageable sleep pattern?

How to be mindfull of your own emotional need?

We are excited to inform you of Triple P ( Positive Parenting Program ) Workshop at IMKA.With an international Parent Practitioner of Triple P.

We understand in order to be proactive and mindful of our children lives we as parents also need to feel confident and met our own emotional need. Through Triple P we will enhance your knowledge base on the latest proven research by giving you parental tips to have a successful and wonderful journey when it comes to your children sleep routines.

Join our workshop to master your skills as parents.

A message from Inventiveminds Founder : Positive Parenting is an approach to parenting that aims to help children develop well, and to manage children's needs from infancy to adolescence in a constructive positive way. It is based on proven research on building positive relationship and helping parent and child self regulate in a positive approach with day to day parenting.

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