Parents as Partners - Social and Emotional Learning in the Early Years

  • Tuesday, September 28, 2021
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Online via Zoom
  • 65


Parents as Partners - Social and Emotional Learning in the Early Years

In the September Parents as Partners Series, we’ll focus on the aspects of a child’s learning journey.

Brought to you in partnership with Life With A Baby and EarlyON Child and Family Centre Thornhill.

Workshop Recommended for parents of children from birth to 6 years

Social and emotional development is influenced by both biology and experiences. It refers to a child’s emerging capacity to regulate and express a range of emotions; develop positive relationships with adults and children; and confidently explore their environment and learn. Responsive and nurturing caregivers are essential for social and emotional well-being. We will briefly explore the biology and experiences that impact early childhood mental health and the ways in which parents and caregivers promote learning. In collaboration with Jacquie Gill, Registered Early Childhood Educator/Inclusion Practitioner.

About Jacquie Gill

Jacquie Gill is Registered Early Childhood Educator and an Inclusion Practitioner. She combines her mental health and child development knowledge, along with 19 years of frontline experience, to support children, families and childcare professionals. Jacquie began her career in childcare and spent her initial 10 years as the ECE in a school age program. After graduating from her Inclusion Practices program at Seneca College, she had the opportunity to begin working on the 0-6 team at Kinark Child and Family Services. Through this role she provides childcare consultations and other professional development opportunities for ECE’s, Assistants, and Students regarding children’s social and emotional development. She is accredited in 5 levels of the Triple P program and uses this knowledge to support parents and early childhood educators, in developing a plan to support the needs of child/ren.

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