*FREE* Emotional regulation in your family - learning how to support your kids and yourself

  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022
  • 1:00 PM


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*FREE* Emotion regulation in your family - learning how to support your kids and yourself

Meltdowns, tantrums, explosions… whatever you want to call them, most kids have them, and they can be very frustrating to deal with as a parent. This talk will give you some information about how the human brain works and offer some ideas that might help you to help your emotionally dysregulated child. Cynthia will also talk about how unrealistic it can feel to actually implement these strategies as a parent, because the truth is that we’re not always emotionally regulated ourselves (often for good reason) and sometimes we need to help ourselves before we can help our kids. Cynthia will be sharing examples from her own life with two kids to help paint a picture of real-life parenting that feels both helpful and achievable.  


Cynthia Marques, MSW, RSW, is a counsellor in private who specializes in supporting parents. She spent over 10 years working in the area of Children’s Mental Health where she supported parents to learn how to help their struggling kids. After becoming a mother, Cynthia’s passion for supporting parents grew, and recognizing a gap in her work, she began to focus on parent mental health. Today Cynthia strives to support parents to feel increased calm, confidence, and joy as they navigate life as a parent. 

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