Ask Coach Kathy - Trigger Management

  • Monday, November 06, 2023
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online via Zoom


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Join Coach Kathy and other people in a similar stage.  

The Trigger Management session will explore ways to develop a deeper love for yourself by not letting others control your emotions.

During separation and divorce, known and unknown triggers come to the surface and catch you off guard. Learn how to acknowledge what's happening in your body when triggered and how to minimize the stress and anxiety it causes.

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About Coach Kathy:

Kathy Maloney is a Certified Relationship Transition Coach committed to helping people fall in love with themselves again or maybe for the first time ever, during challenging shifts in life and relationships.     

Kathy became a mom at the age of 37 and again at 39, followed by a divorce a few years later. These monumental life changing events were the catalyst required for her to ask herself, “What happened to my life?  How did I get here?”  

As a self-reliant person, Kathy found it hard to share what she was going through and how these changes impacted all her relationships. At times, being a wife and mother felt like trying to stand in quicksand.  Finding her balance seemed impossible. Recognizing she needed to heal and rediscover herself; Kathy’s introspective journey began.   

She learned to take accountability for her thoughts, her words, her actions and how they affected everyone around her, especially those with whom she is in and intimate relationship with. She completely RESET her life. She became a different person… a better person. Living each day, being honest and compassionate and vulnerable when communicating her feelings, has become a daily practice towards the path of peace, joy, and an empowered life full of mutually beneficial relationships.   

This thirst for more led Kathy to expand on her education in Neurolinguistics Programming. She became a Life and Relationship Coach, Certified Family Mediator, Certified Relationship Transition and Recovery Coach, and a Certified Divorce Coach.  Kathy discovered a passion she could share. Helping people find their way back to themselves... even after they've stopped recognizing themselves in the mirror because life is happening and it's a beautiful gift.   

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