• to provide a better understanding of the Parent, Patient and Health Care relationship
  • to strengthen current relationships and build confidence in communication when advocating
  • to provide a better look at each side of the Parent / Patient / Professional relationship to ensure they better understand each others perspectives
  • to assist in building relationships between Parents, Patients, and Professionals that are professional, educational, empathetic and productive for the care of the Preemie
  • to have Health Care professionals support NICU families in the NICU and during and after the transition home
  • to promote the Preterm Community and Resources available
  • to enable preterm babies and their families to achieve their maximum potential

To improve support to families in the NICU:  Participants will learn about the unique challenges of the Mental Health & the NICU experience and how interventions can directly impact mental health outcomes in parent and baby.
To increase knowledge of resources available to families: 
Participants will understand their role in supporting the parents of a child with mental or physical health concerns.
To develop better relationships between Health Care Provider & Parent: 
Participants will learn about the common challenges parents face throughout the early years with a preterm baby and how to support new families to create a healthy start.
To improve communication techniques: Participants will learn the impact of words used and how it directly affects the mental health of the Parent/Patient and Health Care Provider. Word choice, delivery and speaking with intention will be explained and connected back to the work environment and everyday life of Participants.  


    There are many parking lots around Mount Sinai Hospital.
    Parking can be full, especially closer to the Hospital so please plan accordingly and leave yourself extra time.
    Below is a map of the surrounding parking lots.


    The Chelsea Hotel has offered Participants of the
    Building Strong NICU Families Symposium
    a discounted room rate of $159 + taxes & fees per night. 

    CLICK HERE to book online  or you may call the hotel directly at 1-800-CHELSEA. Please quote RESID: LIF110619

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