Please read this before posting in "Sell, Donate and Barter"

  • Sunday, October 03, 2010 1:15 AM
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    Debbi (Administrator)
    This is the place to buy, sell, or trade personally used or unused new merchandise.
    This is a community service forum for members of LWAB, enabling you to reach a relevant audience.

    Some tips on posting:

    • Please indicate the type of posting in the subject (For Sale, For Trade, Offer)
    • To reach a localised audience (for pick-up purposes), please specify the area that you're in.
    • For privacy purposes, avoid posting your email address, physical address or phone number.
    • For immediate notification of any replies to your post, be sure to subscribe to responses by checking the box to "Subscribe to  topic"
    • Once an item has been sold or is no longer available, please edit the subject to indicate this, or delete the topic.
    • Offer:  items for free
    • For Sale: Maternity clothes, size S (Richmond Hill)
    • For Sale: Twin Stroller (SOLD)
    • Posts of merchandise of a business or commercial nature are strictly prohibited, including old stock, stock of a sold business, and handcrafted items that are sold by you for profit. These types of posts will be removed. If you wish to advertise your business, please contact us for more information. Alternative sites you may use include craigslist, kijiji or freecycle.
    • If you have any information about sales in general stores that you'd like to share, please post this in the "Family Sales & Events" topic.

    For respondents:

    • Please contact the poster directly, as replying to the post may not contact the poster automatically.
    • For privacy purposes, avoid posting your email address, physical address or phone number as this is a public forum.

    Please read our Community Guidelines for more information about privacy on the Internet.
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