Attachment Parenting
Baby Love is an attachment-based program to help caregivers give their babies a better start in life; one that supports better health, better relationships and better learning. It helps parents recognize that babies have minds, that babies “talk” to us and that they need us to respond.  Babies who start off well are likely to do better for the rest of their lives.

Recommended books about breastfeeding Compiled by Mount Sinai Hospital

  • Motherisk Breastfeeding & Drugs Information
  • KELLY MOM Evidence Based Parenting & Breastfeeding Information for Parents

Dietitians of Canada
Eat Right Ontario 1-877-510-5102

Parenting Preterm Infants
Canadian Premature Babies Foundation – "Our Purpose is to prevent preterm birth through education and research, and support the best standards of care for premature babies."

Bliss – "…working to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families."

Life with a Preterm Baby – This is a program for families of preterm infants and will serve as a support network following discharge as families transition from the NICU to their first months at  home

Miracle Babies provide an invaluable resource and support service for mums and families of premature babies.

Comforting Your Baby In Intensive Care by Professor Linda Franck – A booklet written for parents to help them learn about infant pain and the important role parents can play, in partnership with the health care team, to keep their baby comfortable during intensive care

Support 4 NICU Parents

March of Dimes "After the NICU"


Centre for Epidemiological Studies – Depression Scale:

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale: Available widely online: Ex. or

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