Let's Talk Maternal Mental Health

Two years ago LWAB founder Claire created the hashtag #BellLetsTalkMaternalMentalHealth to create a space to talk about maternal mental health on #BellLetsTalk Day.

Thanks to many of you, your friends, family and networks, together we created a movement with millions of impressions to let everyone know - we’re here and deserve to be heard! The media followed suit, with a flood of supporting coverage.

Last year, Bell has invited Life With A Baby to partner with them for #BellLetsTalk Day to ensure maternal mental health is part of the conversation. We’ve also partnered with Indigo to host events in select stores across the country to keep the ever-important in-person component of mental health support at the forefront. Parents will be able to put mental health and self care into practice in a safe and welcoming environment.

Let’s make 2020 an even bigger year for maternal mental health. We’re strongest when we unite so we’re asking you to join us!

On January 29th let’s say it loud and proud to create momentum to last throughout the year!

Learn more about Bell Lets Tak and get involved at https://www.bell.ca/letstalk

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